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Whatever it was, from now on I’m going to refer to him as ’Just Released’ and right now he’s sitting uncomfortably close to my right side. My poor girlfriend is sitting next to a woman who is honestly so fat she should come with a health warning. An interesting choice, given that reading would have been more at home in Nazi Germany than among these fine fellows. Meanwhile on the other side of the bus: A thick shake, 3 packets of chips and a double cheeseburger have fallen into the fat ladies gravitational pull. Hours later we arrive in Oregon, in one piece and with a better understanding of what prison time would be like. Well too be honest, maybe it was just the buses we took while there, I guess it’s totally possible we just had a bad run.
Hey, did you see a few days ago, on twitter, regarding Amtrak, the little snippet about Amtrak security dog teams playing a critical role, assisting in assisting US rail users, get to their destination safe and sound. The Wifi broke on my 24 hour trip and the driver had a policy about no one turning on their overhead lamps. This particular ride was an enlightening 17 hour journey that started at 4:00pm yesterday (at the time of writing) in San Francisco and will end early tomorrow (this morning) in Portland. The rest of the Greyhound clientele look more like the kind of villains you get in superhero movies.

I was going to try and take a picture but I’d need a wide angel lens, and the sound of the shutter would draw her attention and might make me a target for her next meal. A question I have been asking myself ever since I decided to forgo the pleasures of flying to spend time with California’s criminally insane. I’m torn, do I elbow him to wake him up and risk leaving the bus with a far better idea of the techniques involved in ‘Shanking’ someone or do I just ignore it?
I put the book down in frustration and glare at the now very loudly snoring ‘Just Released’ and contemplate all possible meanings of the word ‘strangle’ wanting to kill someone so badly hasn’t happened since I was throwing elbows on 5th Ave in New York.
I had some memorable experiences, like a driver getting my next bus held for me because we were running late coming into Chicago, a bus with no aircon going from Colorado to Nebraska, watching armed police chasing a suspect through the bus station in Memphis, accidentally sitting in the middle of a homeless church service in Rochester New York, to name a few. I have had some memorable bus rides throughout Asia in my time but this one has to be up there! Sometimes when you travel, it shouldn’t always come down to cost: sanity, safety and serial killers should probably factor in there somewhere too. I saw my share of serial killer look-alikes and just flat out scary people when I took a bus from Boston to Brownsville, TX. Many of the bus trips, the stations, the outskirts locations and the people encountered on my journeys have been far more memorable than the destinations. It was extremely boring sitting there for about 12 hours straight with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs.

One of my worst memories was of the guy next to me that hacked open a can of tuna and proceeded to eat it with his hands – the smell and sight almost sent me to the bathroom. I’ve missed connections, lost luggage, even had five nights in a row on overnight buses. Could have just been my experiences but honestly given the choice I won’t be taking them in the US again unless I can help it. On the sixth morning I remember waking up as the sun was rising, and seeing cactus silhouettes all along the horizon. I had to produce my passport for the driver to tell this woman that I hadn’t been using my ticket for more than 30 days, because I hadn’t been in the US for more than 30 days! I swear that a scary woman in the bathroom in the Vegas station was giving birth in there for all her screams and a meth-head went around mumbling to herself and sobbing in the terminal. I almost got my purse stolen and assaulted but I drew my elbow back in a gesture of learned self defense.

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