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So when as part of my ambassadorship with Michelin, they suggested that I try their New York 2014 Restaurant Guide app I said an enthusiastic yes.
Italian won the coin toss, and the app delivered in the form of Sauce, a charming and tiny corner joint with checked tablecloths.
Other great options on this menu included glossy marinated peppers and carrots, fried matchstick zucchini, homemade tagliatelle with mushrooms, and  meatballs that would bring a tear to your mother’s eye.
I wish I had some pictures from this meal – the lighting was remarkably dim and I seem to have been off my game that evening as not a single photo of the food or restaurant interior is worth sharing.
I had such great success in a neighborhood known for good dining and reasonably-priced restaurants that I was eager to take it for a test drive in a more challenging part of the city for families: The between Grand Central Station and Central Park. We started our search for dinner nearer to the park where the choices in the app were stunningly upscale and expensive. This felt like a pretty big fail, but I turned once again to the app, giving it a second chance. Closer inspection revealed that although this place looked like a TGIFridays, it actually was the authentic type of place upon which these chain restaurants are based. When we finished our meal, we were stuffed, warm, and more than ready to stroll back to Grand Central and catch our train.
Although I used the app spontaneously (partly just to test how it worked that way), you could also use it to make plans and reservations in advance. The app covers all five boroughs of New York City, but the largest number of restaurants by far are in Manhattan. Although I was compensated by Michelin Guides for writing this post, they did not pay for any of my travel expenses on my trip to New York, including the app. September 19, 2012 By Suzy Guese 2 Comments Full Disclosure: I received a complimentary tour from GetYourGuide in exchange for this review. As I didn’t have a lot of time in New York this past weekend, I didn’t want to take a tour that lasted several hours. I was able to get out on the front of the boat and capture the city under the cover of night.
Seeing Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the city itself at night was the true highlight of this tour for me.
The Champagne Cruise: New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty tour included commentary from a guide about New York history and architecture. If you were looking for a relatively inexpensive tour of New York on the water and under the cover of night, I would recommend this tour.
After a childhood of keeping road trips interesting around the U.S, stints in Western Europe as an angsty teen and a study abroad year in Italy in college, I decided to make traveling and writing my way of living. Metro Map solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with templates, samples and library of vector stencils for drawing the metro maps, route maps, bus and other transport schemes, or design tube-style infographics. How to draw Metro Map style infographics of New York subway. New York Subway has a long history starting on October 27, 1904. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software offers the easiest and time-saving way of drawing the MTA Subway Map. The solution handles designs of any complexity, and the comprehensive library covers all key aspects of a transportation system.
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The app is the the portable smartphone version of the red Guide New York City 2014: Restaurants book. And while it doesn’t have a family-friendly category, the app will also tell you how formal and luxurious a restaurant is. But take my word if not my photos for it – the food here was great, and as reasonably prized as the app promised including a nice selection of Italian wines by the glass. We were staying outside the city in Westchester and would need to catch a train, so I wanted an easy walk after dinner. As we worked our way south and east, I was excited to find a Belgian restaurant called Brabant on East 53rd Street. It located an upscale Lebanese restaurant across the street that would have been acceptable but felt pricey for what was on the menu.
It has in fact been a restaurant since 1884 and, according to the website, was once a haunt of both Frank Sinatra and Jackie Kennedy. Its map feature allows you to search for restaurants in a given neighborhood and you can also search by name. Convenient features include links to phone numbers and websites as well as the nearest public transportation and hours.
I can assure that I won’t be taking any more trips to New York City with kids without it. You can always count on me to tell you when I’ve received something for free and to share my honest opinion.
We are headed to NYC on Sunday for our annual holiday visit and I will be back again in February. Welcome to my site, where I share stories about family vacations I've taken with my children and those I want to take.
This seemed like the perfect amount of time, especially if you aren’t really a tour person. While the first half hour of the tour my guide provided some interesting little tidbits about the city and what we were cruising on by, the last half hour was unfortunately spent listening to ear piercing renditions of “Happy Birthday” to a few on board along with detailed stories about the guide’s life with his wife.
However if you are looking for anything more than that, you might be slightly disappointed.
They might be cheesy but I’m sure you learn a lot about the city – and champagne included?
My travels are laced with hints of a redheaded temperament, proof that my hair color is indeed natural. Use the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Metro Map Solution from the Maps Area.
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Allow me to qualify it a bit: New York City can be a challenging place to eat out well and affordably with kids. When my family is on vacation there, we tend to wander a bit or find unexpected things to do. And not just to eat in restaurants – to take in every single detail without themselves being detected. We wanted an early dinner in the area around the Tenement Museum on Orchard Street, which we had visited late on a Friday afternoon.

Also: It was noisy and cozy and generally a perfect place to bring children of any stripe who will not be heard or noticed above the din.
I like both the food court and the Oyster Bar in the train station, but I wanted to see if I could find someplace to eat in the family-restaurant wasteland that is Midtown Manhattan. My eight- and eleven-year-old love mussels and Matt loves beer so it seemed like the perfect fit.
The wall next to our table was adorned with all kinds of Yankees paraphernalia including a thank you card from George Steinbrenner’s family that was sent after his funeral (it turns out that in the early 2000s when the restaurant was sold that he was an investor along with the actor Timothy Hutton). As my experience demonstrates, calling ahead is never a bad idea as the vagaries of the New York restaurant business may mean even a wildly successful-seeming cafe will be here one day and gone the next. It would certainly come in handy during any family holiday trip to New York City, although of course during this season I’d recommend making reservations. Explore and you'll find family travel tips, information about family vacation destinations, and lots of stories about our adventures.
We set sail to the screechy voice of our guide telling us about what we are seeing and what we will see.
These tours are mostly activities such as sightseeing tours, food walks or outdoor adventures. GetYourGuide guarantees no fees for last minute changes, local prices right from the supplier and instant booking. I suppose he was trying to add a little color and character to the tour, but I could have done without the pointless chatter over the intercom.
Even if a few aspects to this tour elicited an eye-roll or two, there was champagne to drink and a jaw-dropping city before me.
We have also included a set of samples in the solution, that show the possible real-world application — complex tube systems including the London Tube and New York City Subway show the level of detail possible when using the Metro Map Solution. Although you’re never far from sustenance in the Big Apple, a surprising number of places to eat are mediocre, expensive, or both.
Given that the lower East Side is home to every hipster who can no longer afford to live in Brooklyn as well as Little Italy and Chinatown, we had a lot of choices ranging from sushi to farm-to-table. I tried to call ahead and got an automated message saying that the restaurant was open (no surprise there; it was Saturday night). Mercifully the half an hour the hostess said we’d have to wait turned into 5 minutes and we were hustled past packed together tables to a nook by the big wooden bar.
I somehow drown out the background noise and get lost in New York at night, all while sipping on cheap champagne. If you were planning on looking for a tour in another location, you could just browse through the listings for your destination.
This page present New York City subway map construct with Metro Map Solution in Conceptdraw PRO software. So unlike the sketchy, questionable information you’ll find on Yelp or TripAdvisor, these restaurant reviews are well-written, specific, and reliable.
Several calls failed to turn up a human on the other end of the line and I was also unable to bring up their website on my phone. And to show you what a word geek I am, I actually remarked to my husband Matt that I appreciated their literary quality, which stands out from much of the drivel you’ll find on crowd-sourced website or apps. This concerned me, but I decided that we should trust the app and give it a try, so we trudged across the five and half windy, long blocks from Fifth to in between Second and First Avenue only to find a dark storefront and a locked door. The tour takes you out on New York Harbor at 7:45PM so that you can capture the city and the Statue of Liberty in the evening light. She took one look at my voucher and said I had to go to their desk in the pier and get a real ticket.
This could be improved on the GetYourGuide voucher if it stated you had to go obtain a ticket and that the voucher wouldn’t serve as a ticket.

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