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East Coast Financial Group gives easy access to low cost Florida Health Insurance Quotes during Open Enrollment on the new website. Open Enrollment starts on November 15th; East Coast Financial Group will find the Florida Health Insurance Quotes from top carriers that will fit your needs and at an affordable price.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PRWEB) November 11, 2014--- With sign up period fast approaching, November 15th 2014 individuals and businesses looking for low cost Health Insurance Plans in Florida and Florida Health Insurance quotes, can count on East Coast Financial Group. By partnering with the top names in Insurance, namely: Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, AETNA, United Healthcare, Coventry, Cigna and Av Med, East Coast Financial Group placed itself in an advantageous position to deliver fast approval and no obligation Florida Health Insurance Quotes.
Anyone seriously looking for Florida Health Insurance Quotes and Health Insurance Plans in Florida will be wise to take advantage of the new website and the offerings of East Coast Financial Group, a top performing service provider, well-respected in Florida and other States.
The new interactive website launched today by East Coast financial Group also has other highlights.
Those individuals and businesses presently enrolled in Health Insurance Plans in Florida which are ending on Dec.
Amid rising health costs and an uncertain economy, growing numbers of consumers are searching for quick, affordable options.
It is heartening to know that Health Insurance Companies are adapting their products to meet the new guidelines established by the Affordable Care Act.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Clients can therefore benefit tremendously from the resources and expertise of East Coast Financial Group.
Of special significance and urgent importance to individuals and businesses shopping around for Health Insurance Plans in Florida, is that several Insurance carriers are offering generous, attractive terms to potential customers. In addition to those new developments, the Federal Exchange has raised the Tax Credits which persons may be able to sign up for during this new period, Nov. It gives those searching for better Health Insurance Plans in Florida direct cost-savings because there is the strong possibility of quickly finding a lower costing plan than the one in which they are currently enrolled.
31st 2014, can also take the opportunity to sign up at this time, so that their coverage can piggy back after their old coverage ends, if they do not like their current plans, or any aspect of their plans.
East Coast Financial Group is ready to assist individuals and businesses through the enrollment process and to help by answering all questions related to health care reform. The launch of the new East Coast Financial Group website could not come at a more opportune time, as it gives those seeking insurance plans an ideal chance at getting properly enrolled in time for the up-coming period.
The sheer ease with which the website can be navigated, combined with its user-friendly features, result in persons only needing five minutes to save substantial amounts of money.

Whether catastrophic insurance is needed, plans geared for the self-employed, small business insurance, the helpful, astute representatives at East Coast Financial Group are willing to give their undivided attention to customers and prospective customers. East Coast Financial Group is also competent at comparing and contrasting plans and advising on the most cost-efficient Health Insurance Plans in Florida, most of which can be personalized to fit both needs and budget. By quickly searching the website, persons are also likely to find Health Insurance Plans in Florida which offer richer benefits, whether on or off the Federal Exchange, than the present policies which they are presently enrolled in and paying dearly for.
The goal of East Coast Financial Group is to get each person or business the plan that that person or business feels is the right fit, given needs, budgets, expectations, goals and objectives.
Florida Health Insurance Quotes are available and easily accessed on the new East Coast Financial Services website.

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