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Being located  in Binh Thuan province and lying south of Cam Ranh Bay on the southernmost stretch of Central Vietnam. Phan Thiet is home to some of the most beautiful and the most visited of the Vietnam tourist attractions. Duc Thanh School is a school where Ho Chi Minh was taught here in 1910 before he left for Saigon and set in motion the momentous events which finally ended in the country’s liberation from the colonial yoke. Po Sha Nu Tower is an ancient site now recognised as the crowning glory of Cham architecture. From many Vietnam Popular Destinations, today I will introduce Phan Thiet City (ThA nh Pha»‘ Phan Thia??t) for you guys. Phan Thiet Citya€™s terrain includes low mountains, rivers, sand dunes and sea with 57.4km of coastal.
The local economy depends on fishing (mostly fish sauce), agriculture (mostly green dragon fruit) and tourism. To sum up, Phan Thiet City has been one of the most Vietnam Popular Destinations for a long time. Pick up at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and transfer (without guide) to Mui Ne via Phan Thiet. Enjoy the sunrise on the Sand dunes, then the whole day is free time for relaxing and swimming on the beaches of this paradise.
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It takes that long because there are no freeways, just surface streets filled with mopeds and various other obstacles!
Our destination was the Red Apple School where our hosts Tinh Mahoney and his assistant Tam teach English to children and adults. Vietnamese see no need for delivery vans when you can just pile eight hundred pounds of goods on the back of your moped! One family passed with a young boy helping his father to avoid running anyone down while his mother on the back played video games on her cell phone. As life goes on memories of fighting seem plowed into the earth giving way to honest work and a harvest of grain loaded upon oxen drawn carts. All the more amazing was the synchronized marching and dancing all done in 100+ degree weather!
What really stole the show were the hundreds of people lining the streets cheering on the parade. The event was a photographers field day with locals shimmering past in colorful fine silks covered in elaborate hand stitched beads and sequins while shaded by breathtaking hats of all shapes and sizes.

Clothes shopping was great fun for Deirdra or possibly more fun for me chronicling her use of a makeshift dressing room. It has been a well kept secret that Phan Thi?t has tropical ocean beaches but recently Tourists from China, Russia and Salem, Oregon have been discovering its warm waters and gentle breezes. Into the third hour of the storm we went to sleep at the table while Deirdra had fun taking pictures.
It was simply magical the synchronized movements enhanced by special lighting, smoke effects, and a live ensemble of musicians off to either side of the stage. Once in the air our South East Asia tour slowly drifted into cherished memories and a longing to return. This entry was posted in The Traveling Muse and tagged asia, concert tour, dragon fruit, festivals, motorcycles, muse, stories, tours, travel, traveling muse, vietnam by John Doan. Great to hear from you and thank you for writing and for enjoying the travel blog travelogue.
Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. B?o tang H? Chi Minh Phan Thi?t la m?t ten g?i kha g?n gui c?a B?o tang H? Chi Minh – Chi nhanh Binh Thu?n d? d? phan bi?t v?i B?o tang H? Chi Minh ? cac noi. Du?c xay d?ng t? nam 1986 t?i th? xa Phan Thi?t va n?m ngay ben khu di tich tru?ng D?c Thanh, B?o tang H? Chi Minh Phan Thi?t la noi gi?i thi?u nh?ng di?m chinh trong cu?c d?i va s? nghi?p c?a Ch? t?ch H? Chi Minh, cung nhu nh?ng net chinh v? kho?ng th?i gian Ngu?i luu l?i t?i Binh Thu?n. B?o tang H? Chi Minh Phan Thi?t khong ch? la noi trung bay, hay m?t cong trinh ki?n truc di?m to them cho b?c tranh van hoa c?a Binh Thu?n, nhung co y nghia tinh th?n r?t l?n v?i ngu?i dan ? day. And after getting Vietnam visa online, you can fly to Ho Chi Minh city because Phan Thiet is about 200km northeast from Ho Chi Minh City.
This fish sauce is available all over Vietnam resulting in an annual production of nearly 17 million liters. To the east of Phan Thiet are some exquisite beaches, one of the greatest attractions in the region.
It is a 21km of long arc of fine sand with a perfect combination of the sun and blue pacific water giving rise to a spectacular view.
The cpmplex lies on a hill 6km north east of Phan Thiet, and has three towers still standing and the ruins of many more , some dating back to the 8th century. It boasts shady roads under coconut trees, a beautiful beach and cliffs battered by the waves of the sea. T? khi thanh l?p d?n nay, B?o tang luon la di?m d?n r?t y nghia khong th? thi?u trong danh sach cac di?m d?n du l?ch Phan Thi?t c?a b?t c? du khach nao. Y nghia tinh th?n nay cung lan t?a d?n du khach kh?p noi m?i l?n d?n tham, long kinh yeu d?i v?i v? cha gia dan t?c trong m?i ngu?i du?ng nhu tr? nen ro net hon bao gi? h?t.

This bustling town with 100,000 inhabitants is famous for the long coastline with a hot and mainly dry climate and average temperatures of a little more than 27 degrees. Humidity is only 10% during most of the year, Binh Thuan is by far the driest province in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Ong Pagoda are some of the major tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your Vietnam tours. The typical scenery of Mui Ne lies in the moving lines of golden sand caused by the wind and when they are seen from afar they look like moving waves. Visit, and enjoy the sunset at the Sand Dunes, visit the spring stream and fishing hamlets in Mui Ne, then return to the beach for more sun bathing and swimming. One is our wonderful outdoor theater here called Solvang Theaterfest (which is a replica of the Old Globe Theater, I believe). Di?m qua cac l?ch trinh tham quan du l?ch Phan Thi?t nhu du l?ch Phan Thi?t 2 ngay 1 dem, hay du l?ch Phan Thi?t 3 ngay 2 dem, vi?c tham quan B?o tang H? Chi Minh Phan Thi?t luon luon du?c s?p x?p trong chuong trinh.
The harbour full of fishing boats is highly photogenic.The proximity of the Ca Ty river and the ocean make it a perfect place for the development of fishing industry. Situated in the South-Central coastal, Phan Thiet is an important junction of national highway No.1A connecting Ho Chi Minh City, national highway No. The scenery looks more fascinating at dawn, when young Cham girls in green dresses go to work.
It’s the location for summer musical theater and drama productions, as well as a great venue for performers of all types.
Khong ch? la m?t di?m d?n binh thu?ng, B?o tang H? Chi Minh Phan Thi?t co m?t y nghia r?t d?c bi?t v?i du khach. D?n tham b?o tang, m?i ngu?i d?u co co h?i d? nh? l?i nh?ng ch?ng du?ng ma Bac H? kinh yeu da di qua va tinh c?m ?m ap c?a ngu?i danh cho nh?ng ngu?i dan ? l?i. Khong ch? la b?c v? nhan, Bac H? chinh th?c la m?t ngu?i cha gia hi?n h?u va r?t g?n gui, nh?ng cong vi?c Ngu?i lam cao c? t? cac ho?t d?ng binh d? nhung h?t s?c chan quy. It is said that around 100 varieties of fishes are available in the waters around Phan Thiet, Vietnam. This beach has the Da Ong Dia (boulders of the Earth God) and the Suoi Tien (Celestial Stream). Kho?ng th?i gian Ngu?i luu l?i ? m?nh d?t Binh Thu?n khong lau nhung cung d? t?o s? ngu?ng v?ng r?t chan th?c d?n bao th? h? sau nay.
The availability of the huge amount of fish makes it a perfect place for the excellent production of fish sauce.

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