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I chose Burlington Northern as a Road as a teen in the 1980's, but quickly switched to the mighty GN which I model to this day.
I'll post some more pictures and info if there is any interest, I will also update this thread as I work on the layout. The four little toggle switches turn voltage to spurs on and off and the little red momentary switch used to control a homemade horn.
Looks good man I almost built that layout years ago for a guy, he kept changing his mind ended up doing one small n-scale layout instead.

Like all Atlas model railroad products, True-Track adheres to high quality, prototypical standards that the hobby world demands. THIS TRACK HAS BEEN TESTED AND IS GUARANTEED TO OPERATE WITH THE PROPER ACCESSORIES - FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT THE ORIGINAL CONTENTS OF THIS SET WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BY READING THE 1202 HO SCALE UNDER AND OVER RACING SET SLOTCAR REFERENCE GUIDE. I can run the entire layout on either controller, or run the inside and outside tracks independently for two different operators. The result is a roadbed track with true-to-prototype gray, graveled roadbed, a correctly angled roadbed shoulder and Code 83 track.
I began construction on a 4x8 freelance Great Northern layout in 1996, and have worked on it on and off since then.
There is a mainline loop around the outside and a inside line with a figure 8 and a 27" bridge along with two tunnels.
When I was under the table a couple weeks back I looked at all the wiring and thought "How did I do all this"?

Historically I have only railroaded in the winter months, a habit I probably got from my Dad.
I think it came with two switches and some 9" straights and curves along with two controllers for the switches. Most of my motive power goes through them no problem, but things like 0-4-0 switchers have trouble.

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