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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but although I'm pretty sure I have a good layout design in my head, I'd like to see some more track designs. I am in the process of doing an HO version of the trackplan with more switching on the left side.
We’re building another fun to operate, small HO scale train layout that you can build! Switching action continues on this side with four more sidings and a short engine run-around. Large city buildings divide this layout into separate scenes without the need for a scenic divider. The Tomy AFX Super International Race Set, along with providing a good selection of track sections, also includes two 22 VDC power packs, four (4) controllers and four (4) Tomy AFX Mega-G slot cars.
The Tomy AFX Super International Race Set includes Track Layout Sheets to recreate the entire Formula 1 season. Purchasing a Tomy AFX Super International along with a 4-Way Split will not only give you the extra 12" radius turn sections most track designs require, but will also provide you with a total of four (4) 22 VDC power packs, enough to power each lane individually. This race track incorporates a technically challenging infield section to test both driving skills and chassis setup.
This first category of raceways shown below are ideal for an apartment dweller or someone without a lot of room for a large permanent raceway. Along with Tomy AFX Super G-Plus and Tyco 440x2 cars, I often run my older Aurora Model Motoring Thunderjets on this layout. This first layout provides a 4-lane layout that fits on a single 4×8 foot plywood table.
The layout illustrated below fits on a single 4 × 8 foot table and provides a lap length of 35 feet per lane.
This design is ideal for modern Tomy AFX slot cars as well as older Model Motoring Thunderjets.
If you own the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set and are thinking about building a permanent HO race track this is an inexpensive layout to construct. If you have ever wondered about your driving skills or your ability to prepare fast HO Slot Cars this is a good means of testing your abilities against other HO racers from around the world. This next racing layout is a variation on the original Whitefish Bay 33 described above that provides a longer lap length of 43 feet with an infield comprised of two additional chicane sections.
This next layout fits on a single 4×8 sheet of plywood and provides a 52 foot 2-lane raceway suitable for landscaping. This next 2-lane layout makes exclusive use of the 9" radius turns found in many 2-lane sets. This next layout also fits on a single 4×8 sheet of plywood and provides a 51 foot 2-lane raceway.
This next layout packs a lap length of just over 65 feet on to a single 4×8 foot plywood table. This next group of 4×8 foot raceways replicate NASCAR and Indy Racing League 4-lane ovals. The first oval shown below is the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indianapolis 500 and more recently the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.

This next NASCAR Oval also fits on a simple 4×8 foot table, but unlike the track above, this raceway uses Tomy's high banked turns at both ends to create a fast raceway. I have looked at ALOT of track plans, but it seems to be better if I can see the real thing!
The Gateway Central X offers switching and train operation action, while still providing a complete mainline loop for just running trains. Note how a siding with a small industry and concrete driveway, and a small hill, fills the space at the two corners. The switchback requires advance planning to place cars within the large warehouse’s dock bay, as the siding leading to it can only hold the engine and one car.
The cars included in this set alone often sell for up to $25.00 each, so purchasing this complete set is a truly great deal. While not providing the variety of track sections that the Super International includes it does contain a good number of 12" radius turns. Combining the International Challenge and 4-Way Split race sets provides a convenient and cost effective means of creating an interesting 4-lane raceway in a minimum of space.See the Tables section for detailed instructions on building a 4x8 foot table suitable for mounting this race track. It uses the AFX Super International Racing Set described above as the base with only a few additional pieces of straight track.
This particular layout incorporates an overpass section to provide for longer, faster straights.In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with (8) 15 inch straights, (6) 9 inch straights and (6) 12 inch turn sections. This particular layout incorporates an overpass section to create identical lap lengths of just over 21 feet per lane.In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with only (8) 9 inch straights and (4) 12 inch turn sections.
This particular layout can be built using the Tomy AFX Super International and one (1) additional 15" straight to create lap lengths of just over 36 feet per lane. The main straight leads into a 90 degree right-hand turn followed by a 225 degree hairpin section.
If you're looking for a race track design that will be both challenging and still fit on a smaller 4×8 foot table this is a great raceway to build. This racing series allowed you to compete with other HO Slot Car racers from around the world using this standard track configuration.Because the track layout remained the same for all racers, lap times could simply be compared to see who the World's Fastest HO Slot Car Racers really were. The open area in the lower left-hand corner of the diagram above provides space for a computer display monitor. Several long, fast straights combined with a twisty infield section make this an excellent 2-lane raceway. Several fast straights on the outer portion of the circuit are joined using wide 15" radius turn sections.
We doesn't provide ho train lights products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.
Seems like alot of railroading in a small space, but I like every one of the ideas that I just saw! The station track provides a location to set out a passenger car, or it could be the starting point for an expansion of this small layout. A small hotel fills the space at one corner, and helps separate this scene from the next side. Emphasis has been placed upon creating layouts that are both fast and challenging, while fitting a long lap length in the smallest available space.All layouts are designed to be built using the widely available Tomy AFX track system.

Combining a Super International and 4-Way Split will allow you to build a layout with several wider turn radius sizes. The 4-Way Split set includes GT Prototype sportscars as raced at Le Mans.The first layout illustrated here is the Tomy AFX 4-Way Challenge.
The total cost, including the two race sets and table supplies should be under $350.00, making this a great weekend project.
They're small enough to store when not in use, yet provide enough table space for a challenging 4-lane HO raceway. While not as fast as modern traction magnet-equipped cars, the T-Jets can still be quite a handful to drive due to their narrow tires and lower cornering speeds. Upon exiting the hairpin the cars must negotiate a pair of 45 degree left-hand turns before accelerating down the infield straight.A decreasing radius turn at the end of the infield straight feeds onto a short chute followed by a sweeping carousel turn before exiting out and onto the back straight. The circuit is comprised of three fast straights with a technically challenging infield section. The overpass incorporated into this design provides a means of folding the raceway back in upon itself, and in the process provides additional long straights. This method provides a track that appears larger then it really is and avoids a static appearance.
Several long, fast straights combined with a technical infield section make this an excellent 2-lane road course. The interior of the race course provides progressively tighter turns.Note the location of the driver's stations in this design.
There is simply nothing cooler in this hobby (IMHO) than building something and showing it off or seeing someone show off something they built! A few of the layouts, where noted, can also be built using Mattel Tyco plastic track sections.If you are new to HO Scale Slot Car Racing, or only now returning after a long absence from the hobby, I can highly recommend the Tomy AFX Super International Race Set as a good first set.
This is an ideal track for detailed landscaping and would be a good choice for someone wanting a 2-lane track to race both modern and vintage Aurora slot cars. The large open area inside of the 180º turn provides ample room for pits and a paddock.
Their placement along the fastest straight on the left edge of the table provides an unobstructed view of the infield underpasses. The small industry in the corner was selected because it had a dock door on the right end of the building, placing it correctly to accept one boxcar at the end of its siding.
The center area on the table provides enough room to create a realistic pit row and garage complex. See the Race Sets page for details and all of the track layouts that can be built with just the track from this set. In addition to a Super International Challenge set this layout can be built with only (4) 9 inch straights and (4) 15 inch straight sections. See the Scenic Hills 33 above for my choice of elevated 4×8 foot raceways suitable for authentic landscaping.

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