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All-wheel electrical pickup, newly tooled Alco Hi-Ad or Tri-Mount trucks, and many separate brass, wire, and photo-etched detail parts are some of the highlights of this HO scale Alco Century 630 from Bowser.
The Alco Moguls could go as fast as 70 miles per hour, making them useful for both light freight and passenger service. 2012 National Train Show final reportThe 2012 National Train Show was held in Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug.
The model is an upgraded version of the Stewart Alco C-630 reviewed in the March 2003 issue of Model Railroader.
Bachmann’s 2-6-0 model is a practical choice for your mainline and branchline railroads.
All-wheel drive and electrical pickup, motor with dual flywheels, 6-pin plug for Digital Command Control decoder, directional lighting, prototype-specific grills, and Accumate knuckle couplers. Bright graphical liquid-crystal display screen, 16 frequencies, 28 functions, and 11 transmit power levels.
My favorite new feature of the Bowser C-630 is that it’s available with a SoundTraxx Digital Command Control sound decoder. Injection-molded plastic model with Vulcan-style trucks and factory-installed knuckle couplers.
Factory-assembled injection-molded plastic pipes with prototypical load configuration and simulated metal banding and wood cradles. Injection-molded plastic body shell with photo-etched-metal fans, plastic truck sideframes, and a prototype-specific cab and short hood.
Works with T9000 and RF13000 throttles and is compatible with AirWire900 decoders, Linkers, and drop-in decoders.

Model Railroader reviewed the first release of the updated model in green and yellow Central Vermont livery back in 2001.
Injection-molded plastic model with Thermo King reefer unit, prototype-specific doors, 36” metal wheelsets, and body-mounted knuckle couplers. Each kit contains seven colors in pan (cake-like) format, palette tray with cover, and Sofft applicators.
Ultra-miniature radio receiver and Digital Command Control booster circuit connects to any National Model Railroad Association-compliant Digital Command Control decoder and converts it to an AirWire900-compatible decoder.
Micro-Trains 40-foot hi-cube boxcar with high-torque electric geared motor, pressure-sensitive cleaning disk, speed and direction control, and Magne-Matic knuckle couplers. Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, interior walls, removable second floor, and exterior staircase. Convtr (standard version with built-in internal antenna), $99; Convtrex (with antenna jack for use with included plug-in 3” wire antenna or optional external plug-in antenna), $105. Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, one-piece removable roof with trusses, positionable doors and windows, laser-cut shake shingles, and laser-cut window glazing. Factory-painted and lettered brass model with detailed underframe and working ditch lights. Laser-cut wood kit with etched floorboards, resin and injection-molded plastic detail parts, loading ramp, stairs, and optional extension platform. Topics include track plan and benchwork, scenery, track, ballast, wiring, building a trestle bridge, and more.
Cast-resin kit based on modernized car with Hutchins universal roof, “booted” ribs, AB brakes, and decals.

Etched-brass kits with rivet detail, laser-cut wood walkways, and brass railings, ladders, and bracing.
All cars featured injection-molded plastic body, metal wheels and axles, and Kadee-compatible knuckle couplers. BC Rail (three paint schemes), Canadian National (four schemes), Canadian Pacific (two schemes), CSX, Herzog, Procor (two schemes), and Sultran. Prototypical sound and lighting effects and motor control for diesel and steam locomotives.
Compatible with direct current and Digital Command Control in multiple scales (large scale locomotives have some limitations on DC).
Boards are available for Alco PA and PB diesel locomotives and Electro-Motive Division GP7 and GP9, GP38-2, F3A and B, SD70MAC, SD40-2, and GP30. Canadian Pacific (Multimark paint scheme), Government of Canada (CNWX or CPWX reporting marks), Saskatchewan Grain Car Corp. Handheld laser for activating switch machines, couplers, building lights, sound effects, and animation.
Prototype-specific details, wire grab irons and uncoupling levers, and Kadee scale knuckle couplers.

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