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BLMA holmium 4025 Modern treble Track signaling Bridge Assembled and lit Bachmann holmium 42100 watch palisade two dozen Model mogul 392 Grain of pale yellow Bulb. When ace moved into my apartment with the apartment came this HO Scale railroad layout and the owners of. I have a large apartment, but as it is an apartment, I'm likely not to stay here for more than a few years.
I plan to make this layout extendable with a double main line on the front of the layout that can be continued on further adjacent modules. The problem that I have with this design is that it's inoperable by itself, it's an incomplete layout without the aforementioned lead module you mention. Building a modular layout is a good idea if you plan to move, but this particular module lacks a cohesive design, or it looks like it was cut out of the middle of a larger track plan.
Okay, well, the reason I want a yard is that it's something that I'd enjoy, I like switching and operating a within tight constraints, but still want a good starting module from which to run my stock out of.
Now back to the layout itself; What about extending the yard to fill the majority of the 6ft section, and moving the industrial area to a separate 4ft module and extending the assembly area into this part as well? I think you need to invest in a copy of 'Track Planning for Realistic Operation' by John Armstrong. I understand your desire to build something with operating interest that can later be incorporated (perhaps) into something larger, but the current design is extremely limited operationally IMO.
Tail track length would be the length of your longest car plus longest engine (including couplers between them) plus a tad more. A weak point in my trackplan is that I can only pull one car at a time from a couple of longish spurs, but I did that based on my space constraints at the time. I would get rid of the 3 crossovers at the bottom of the yard and move the one closest to the first yard ladder switch to the left of it and have it on the other module.
It all makes sense what you're saying, but implementation is always up to some mis-interpretation; so I'm trying not to assume anything. Also, I like eliminating switches out of this as I did my first cost estimate and it came in for around $250 just for the track! Eliminating some of the switches, trying to allow a longer train to pull into yard service and reducing the main lines to 1 main with a siding. Yeah, track is expensive It looks better, but I'd still flip the crossover just to the left of the joint so that the yard drill can set out an outbound train for pickup on the second track. As you can see, the crossover has been moved to allow the 48" module to be built as an independently operable layout.
As it stands, the layout doesn't need dedicated staging, merely a drop-down extension for the left end of track C. As for the Tillig switch, it's $40 as opposed to $15-18 for a regular wye; so it's really not that horrid an up-charge.
I was also thinking of doing a modular layout and one side would be a passenger station for my future layout and the rest was going to be a yard for freight trains. IMO, some of the most realistic looking layouts that I've seen don't have all that much track or complex trackwork - just a few spurs but long ones and larger number turnouts (at least #6). I'm struggling to understand the purpose of some of the turnouts and tracks in some of the layouts posted here. One good way to approach a design like this is to think through the movements of cars from staging or interchange to industry (and back) and then design around that. One of the key opportunities in any compact design is overlapping the various elements, such as runarounds, industry tracks, leads, yard tracks, etc. The main feature of this model railroad is that it consists of two separate and independent track loops, laid out in a split-level. I got this brilliant idea from a Japanese N scale train magazine DVD that illustrated this concept so perfectly-- talk about squeezing maximum train action into a minimum amount of space! I initially set up my little single loop and sidings on a temporary, unbraced 6' by 3' piece of plywood that I place on top of a couple of cardboard boxes. Before a gig -- I'm a musician playing at a local blues-rock club -- I was browsing at a Kinokuniya bookstore when I spied, on a solitary display rack, a magazine and DVD pack about N scale model trains -- in Japanese!
Bearing in mind, that at this point, I had more or less lost all interest in the hobby. On impulse, I bought the magazine anyway, telling myself that since it came with a DVD it must be worth the 40 bucks.
Now, I had done my fair share of research on the internet -- several hundred hours worth -- and bought many issues of every US and UK model train magazine publication I could find.
And I found answers to every one of my burning questions in that little Japanese mag -- and then some!

Starting with a bare 6' by 3' board, the two Japanese men hosting the show brought me from a single loop with one siding on a bare plywood baseboard to designing a split level layout that incorporated tunnels and bridges with realistic looking rocks, mountains and trees. This was my very first attempt at landscaping a model railroad, so if you like what you see, bear in mind that you can do it too! How many times have you seen a train layout in a magazine and wished you had the room to build it yourself as your "dream layout"?Enter N-Scale trains.Here's betting you have the room for a layout half the size of the magazine version. N-scale offers all the detail and selection of the larger scales and you can build an intense layout on a 36"X80" interior door mounted on a pair of folding leg sets. This is part I of a two-part series written by Frank Joyce as he builds landmarks and memories from his childhood in New York City. In my case, it wasn’t a train set under the Christmas tree that got me interested in trains.
I recently came across some Grandt Line windows and different kinds of plastic wall materials in the hobby shop and decided I would try to model the pub I had once lived above.
It was this first attempt at modeling the scenes and memories of The Bronx that really got me going.
I had recently finished the pub model when I saw an ad for Micro Engineering’s city viaduct double track bridge kit. When I found a newspaper vending machine, I shrunk down a copy of the NY Daily News front page and fit it into the front display. This model stands on the layout as a tribute to my family and to the memories of the old neighborhood. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout.
This mid take down contract budget Train Layout is affordable yet boast packed including 2 mainlines plus bridges tunnels mountains. Posture railroad pathfinder to HO HOn3 HOn30 & OO scale model trains and educate layouts featuring mold dragoon layout photos and track plans. I've been mulling over layout design for quite a long time now and am finally working towards a solution.
From here branches a small yard and also a small branch line that would work with various small buildings that I have.
Atlas offer conventional '#' turnouts (#4, #6, ect) where there is no defined curve, the curve of the turnout is measured similarly to the slope of a linear function (#4 turnout diverges 1 unit for every 4 units of length after the frog, #6 turnout diverges 1 unit for ever 6 units, ect). People with large spaces for layouts or desiring to model a smaller area realistically will go as large as #8 or #10 turnouts.
I've ordered the new book, and also decided that I will likely move to building 2 modules at the start instead of just 1. If you flip it in place, instead of flipping it and moving it right so straddle the joint, it enables relocating the turnout into the industrial park to there. Track 3 is intended as inbound to the yard, track 2 would be outbound, with the far left end of track 3 being imagined to rejoin track 1 off-layout.
Inbound trains can be staged on the inbound tracks, sort of an on-layout fiddle yard, and the operating session ends right before the road power takes the outbound train back out onto the main. Tillig track is hideously expensive, but even going back to the original configuration of three yard tracks, the capacity is the same as your original design.
I will definitely take advantage of the split layout to save cost; I hadn't even thought of that. Its just for running trains around and testing everything to make sure it runs good and having somplace to run things on. As an HO example in a 2X10 space, here is my slight modification of Jonathan Jones' fine 2X10 switching layout from the May 2001 Model Railroader magazine. Considering the size of the room that was about the maximum amount of real estate I had to work with! Peering in to the room now and then, I lamented having spent several hundred dollars on tracks and trains just to see them lay there on the bare baseboard. I learned something new every time I put that DVD on -- that's how much of a revelation it was!
Within two weeks I had laid the foundation for what you see today -- split-level track design, landscaping and scenery. Users are forbidden to reproduce, republish, redistribute, or resell any materials from this website in either machine-readable form or any other form without permission.
In N-scale, this can be expanded and provides enough room for a second level while allowing room for a dockside scene on the lower level. It was the 1:1 scale set owned by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company while growing up in The Bronx.

When I was in high school, my family moved to a shotgun apartment over an old pub on Broadway, literally within feet of the elevated subway platform. I had already completed a few HO scale city-themed building kits from Walthers, City Classics and Design Preservation Models, (DPM). It is always a treat to hear online from someone, who grew up in the city, that I got it right and captured the look of the old neighborhood. HO Track Bed provides a hushed smooth educate operation absorbing irregularities on your layout.
I'm very flexible on what needs to be done to make this work other than enlarging the benchwork. People also usually recommend #5 as a minimum for yards, but for certain places of selective compression #4 can work. The biggest part I'm questioning now is the curved switch point at the top middle, is it too sharp? For reference, I'm labeling the bottom track main, the second track passing siding and the third yard service. I would try rearranging the crossovers so that a switcher drilling the yard can pull from and push to passing track. You can then place a small runaround and design the industrial park as a small standalone switching module to build first and help spread out the cost of track. I'll obviously play around with the industrial park area as I don't even have my buildings yet; but that will work splendidly.
As a child, there was nothing more exciting than going to Manhattan or Coney Island and being held by my dad so I could stare out the front door window of the first car and watch the tracks, stations, and city unfold before me; diving under the city into the subway, popping out again, and riding above it on the elevated, crossing rivers and boroughs. The pub was on a busy corner and outside was the last and first stops for the transit buses. I found sidewalk, fire escapes, rooftop details, lampposts, mailboxes, trashcans, buses, taxis, figures, cars, and trucks.
I was inspired by the work of John Allen, George Sellios, Earl Smallshaw, Art Curren, John Pryke, Vic Smith, Mike Palmiter, Vic Rosen, Ron Parisi, the incredible work of Joseph Frank and his NYC Transit Modeler’s group, and others.
River go past Layout Kit includes the materials needed to build antiophthalmic factor lightweight HO scale 4 ten octad foot SubTerrain layout ho scale layout.
You would need at least two separate staging areas and the yard would still only have the capacity to be a very small shortline facility.
Yard service has plenty of lead now, but as I said, not much of a train can be pulled onto it without it fouling passing track. Most of the switches are #6 and #8 with #10's for mainline crossovers maybe this will give you some ideas. Some of the information was good but most of it was useable only if you had some 20 square feet of space to dedicate to a model railway. Between the bass speakers of the juke box in the pub below, the buses idling and turning around outside, the express subway trains roaring by, and the local squealing to a stop every few minutes – it was a noisy place! I had used balsa wood and, for the upper floor, some thin embossed brick sheet to insert the windows.
I set it up so the yard switches on both ends fit on 2x6 modules and then you add middle yard trak modules to expand the yard. AltezeitGruppe Dorset Reichsbahn Gruppe atomic number 67 Finescale layout based in England based on a small German ring townsfolk in Oberbayern during the 30′s. Between the catalog and model train shows, I started finding all kinds of details I could use to build my city, even pigeons. I am just getting over A) moving house (layout is in storage) and B) major surgery which has left me hobbling and frustrated, unable to do much for the next 3 moths. To see urban modeling up close, and not in a book or magazine, was exciting – I was determined to reach that level of talent some day. To this day, the best part of model railroading for me is creating a scene that tells a story and bringing it to life with details. Judging by what engines and rolling stock I own, and want to own, I can’t get enough of them.

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