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Our N scale Panorama line cars have been a huge success, and many of our original cars sold out long ago.
The Panorama Line brings a new level of realism to N scale modelers everywhere and have all the details you’ve come to expect from our HO scale Super Continental Line cars. Super-detailled 41-N-11 Inside Swinghanger or 41-BNO-11 Outside Swinghanger trucks as appropriate for each roadname and car type. Now you can order our Park cars individually with all the same great detailing, inside and out! We believe that the finish of our Budd passenger cars is the closest you will find to the real thing.

Our Superior Stainless passenger cars have complete underbody detail, including all of the air, steam and electrical conduits. We are producing an all-new NSC Express-Baggage Car, Click on the links below for more details.
With unique names honoring famous Canadian national parks, these classic stainless steel Budd passenger cars have been bringing up the markers on premier CP (and later VIA) trains since 1954. We spent months testing different methods, including painting and plating, and comparing them to the real cars at our local passenger train maintenance centre. These all-new cars incorporate all of the superb features included on our previous releases, the Lightweight Coach, Leg-Rest Coach and 4-8-4 Duplex Sleeper.

Joseph Co., Environmental Rail Solutions, Gondola Connection, Joseph Transportation, Norfolk Southern, and undecorated.

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