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Also known as Private Cars, Business Cars have existed since the early days of railroading. Magnets in the 53' EMP Intermodal containers keep the containers securely seated in both the well and to each other, guaranteeing a rattle-free freight consist over every bump and slant. Each MAXI-IV well car is covered with crisp, detailed tampo printing, even down to the writing on the lube plate on the end of each A and B car.
The Gunderson MAXI-IV well cars have wafer-thin molded walkways, crisply molded and painted to match the prototypical appearance.
The MAXI-IV's articulated trucks are designed to lock securely into both of the associated wells to guarantee they'll never come apart while running, while still being easy to take apart and put together.

Because the Kato HO MAXI-IV well cars are designed to run just as well empty as they do full, special care had to be put into recreating the criss-cross well patterning of the prototype model. If you are already a registered user of Model Railroader Video Plus you must log in to your account to view this video. Sign up for the Model Railroader Video Plus newsletter to receive special offers from MRVP and its marketing partners.
They are generally self-contained with office, meeting room, track inspection, entertainment, dining and sleeping facilities on board for railway officials and their invited guests. Assigned to key railway personnel for the purpose of inspecting track and traveling on company business, these cars were often handled on the rear of a convenient regularly scheduled passenger run.

In this video you can see how the air hoses work during switching moves on Pelle's Union Pacific Daneville Sub model train layout. HO Scale Slot Cars below that in order are: neo modified from slottech, wizzard, Bsrt poly mod level 25 from slottech wizzard.

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