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Our HO Scale North American Railcar Corporation 4000cf Canadian Coal Gondolas have been in stock for a few weeks now, and we have been busy filling orders and shipping them out. Both videos above show not only the large number of cars used in typical unit trains, but also the mix of large numbers of many of the versions of the cars used together. We have an article we would like to share put together By Norm Skretting with model photos by Timothy J.
The early reviews of the HO Scale cars have been just as positive as the N Scale cars and we have seen an influx of orders for the HO Scale cars.

If you are interested in ordering these cars, or increasing your existing orders, please do so immediately. I built a railroad town on a 4x6 foot 2" foam board from vintage railroad parts and cars and town. This can easily be accomplished with our models by mixing and matching the various version being offered in this release. We are large enough to negotiate preferred pricing with many of our suppliers which is why our prices are typically lower then your local toy stores.

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