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Darnell's Auto Body - HO Scale KitDarnell's is an Auto Body Repair Shop that can handle cars and small trucks. The Red Light District - LIMITED RUN HO SCALE KITWelcome to the Red Light District - one block, lots of filth! Hollis Pest Control - HO Scale KitHollis Pest Control is a small exterminator business that will easily fit into your town or city; perfect for a trackside scene.
Moscone Bail Bonds - HO Scale KitMoscone Bail Bonds is a small Main Street type structure suitable for any era, either in a rural town or gritty city. Ideal Hosiery - HO Scale Model KitIdeal Hosiery is a Main Street type storefront structure that will fit right in your town or small city. Red Hook Wharf - HO Scale Limited Run KitWelcome to Red Hook Wharf, a bustling waterfront pier, with the smell of fresh and not so fresh fish in the air. Bud's Bait 'N Gas Dock - HO Scale KitBud's Bait N' Gas Dock is an easy to build, super detailed gas dock for your harbor, river or lake scene.
Panzera's Delicatessen & Canavan Law HO Scale KitPanzera's Delicatessen is a main street type building, based on a Bridgeport, Connecticut prototype. Weltyk Marine HO Scale KitWeltyk Marine is a small boat repair shop that can accommodate a 38' boat, or can be used as a small engine house if you desire.
The Garment District - HO Scale Limited Run KitThe manufacturing of clothing and related accessories was once one of the many backbones of U.S. Canal Street & Third HO Scale Limited Run KitTwo streets converge as rail traffic passes above and below. Jimmy Dee's Bar & Grill HO Scale KitJimmy Dee's is the perfect watering hole for that run down part of town.

Yard Office TwoThis is an easy to build, yard office kit suitable for nearly any prototype, any era. Set of Three Background Fillers - HO Scale KitThis is a set of three background structures to be used to fill voids in your backdrop or expand existing background structures. Carrolton Hotel Ho Scale KitThis kit is based on a Arizona prototype, but can be modified into many other businesses or locales. Rothman's Pawn Shop & Thornhill Liquor HO Scale KitThis is a Pawn Shop and Liquor Store Kit. Pressman Radio Repair HO Scale KitKit includes laser cut vintage radios and televisions for storefront display.
Hooper's Fresh Oysters HO Scale KitThis is an HO Scale Oyster business, built a on a small pier.
Hokum's House of Burlesque HO Scale KitHokum’s House of Burlesque represents hundreds of “Burly Houses” like it found across the country over one hundred years ago through today.
Deignan's Bikini Car WashThis Car Wash & Gas Station includes lasercut walls, billboard lettering, wash curtains, sidewalks and gas pumps. Calamus Milling Background Flat HO Scale KitCalamus Milling is a background flat that can be altered to suit any industry.9" wide x 2" deep with loading dock. Eleanor's Quick Lunch Diner HO Scale KitEleanor's Diner is based on numerous prototypes built from the 1880's until the turn of the 20th century. Winger Paper Bag Co Backgroudn Flat HO Scale KitWinger is a small background flat; great for filling small holes in your background, especially on shelf layouts.
Cimino Taxidermy HO Scale KitCimino Taxidermy is a small Taxidermy shop that includes the side stair., color signage, sidewalks, metal and plastic detail parts.

Martin's Garage HO Scale KitThis is a small garage; includes laser cut clapboard walls, Tichy door and windows, color signs & instructions.
Ravenwood Leather Products HO Scale Background KitThis is a background kit, with loading dock.
Brundel's Engine Repair HO Scale KitThis is a small engine repair shop; includes clapboard walls, signage and details. This site will remain temporarily to access current outstanding orders, but does not function to make purchases. HO Scale KitThis kit is designed around a 3" cube; while each side is equal each has its own distinct features. Background HO Scale KitBuckeye is a background flat that can be altered to suit any industry.9" wide x 2" deep with loading dock.
Kit includes all signage shown, metal and plastic details, sidewalks, lasercut cornice and wrap around canopy. Includes American, French, British and Hessian armies with General George Washington, French General Marquis DeLafayette and British General Charles Cornwallis character figures plus cannons, mortars, fortifications and more.

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