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I am particularly proud of my rotary snow plow because I purchased off of E-bay from a Union Pacific Engineer from Idaho. Also, it has to hold up to a lot of rough operation, because members of the audience actually turn a hand-crank to move this plow train. I put some of these pictures onto a Flicker picture site, but I like the larger ones on this web page.
This is all HO scale, but some parts of the plows were built oversize for dependability during public shows. I have heard of a story of a real Spreader getting the wing clipped off by a passing train. Nylon fishline is wound around the wood dowel, and winches the trains forward and backward. The same principle could be used to move any model railroad equipment that is too small for motors.
The Rotary is the HO Athearn model that originally had the rubber band drive from the wheels.

Like real railroad equipment in snow plow service, many openings are taped shut to keep the snow out. Many operators just do the easy part, lowering the front plow to flange out a few inches of snow below the railhead. Hauling snow fighting machinery on flatcars was also done in Wisconsin and Minnesota in the 1950's and 60's. Real snow, fresh-fallen or in a rural setting (low or no airborne particulates) is vivid white and somewhat glittery - tiny sparkles where individual flakes reflect sunlight. Snow scenes are extremely difficult to model - especially, if you want your scenery richly covered by freshly fallen snow.
The best method I have found is using plaster (in a thick paste) to cover the ground and the roof tops, shaping it to the form I want, considering wind drifts etc. I did up this scene for a photo contest, kept it for a bit, maybe three weeks, and then got out the shop-vac. When you guys sprinkled on the snow, are there any problems with running engines, will they pick up any of this stuff and get into the gears and whatnot?

My last layout was set in early winter, but the snow I used seemed too big - kinda like snowballs covering the ground!! I like to crush some Heki Glitter Snow to a finer powder then mix it with the WS flake snow. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. Most of the snow stuff you can buy is way too coarse to represent snow and does not give you the texture of a thick layer of snow. The talent of the painter is excellent and it is one of the models I am proudest to show off! In his winter scene on the layout he used talcum powder to apply an even thin dusting of snow on everything.

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