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Train Detectors: Optical infrared proximity sensors for detecting model trains on the track.
Crossing Signal Controllers: Signal controllers with flasher circuits to operate grade crossing signals from any era, wig wags to four quadrant gate systems.
Flasher circuit automatically senses the crossing signal lighting configuration, no manual setup or programming required. Crossing Bell Sound Effects: This circuit rings an ordinary door bell in a way that imitates a train bell or crossing signal warning bell.
Automated reversing tracks: Reverse loops increase your model railroad layout's operational interest and flexibility.
It will be half way to high tide so it will have seaweed, barnacles and slimey green part way up the harbor walls. What might help the illusion of deep water is modeling substantial dock and dockside structures that suggest a very deep harbor. The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961. I'm in the process of building a carfloat terminal, so this subject is on my mind right now. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I was anxious to see what Cody did with the coaling tower kit in the lastest issue of Model Railroader as I have been building these for about 5 years now.

It is an irony, which I am certain is not lost on MR or Walthers, that the Life Like coaling tower was discontinued probably even as Cody Grivno was busy working on his. Mt Vernon Mfg from the Life Like line has also beeen discontinued in spite of its being the subject of some of the late Art Curren's most magnificent kit bash articles.
I am aware from talking to folks at Walthers that there is some rethinking and reorganizing of their various brands and train lines and it might be that the Life Like buildings are being rebranded, but it is also true that they have evidently decided to retire some of the more marginal Life Like offerings.
The LifeLike kits were discounted on Walthers last year for $2.98 each so I bought 10 of them. That said, there are plenty of structures here that don't bother with such niceties, too.
Do you think I could have a Track that runs down the back of the lay out that will come around on the second level?
Its really a great idea but the house is too far along in the process for that to be an option.
May be used as a reflective detector (sensors in the roadbed) or as an interrupt detector (sensors look across the track).
Operates multiple track signals in 2-, 3- or 4-aspect modes without the need for insulated rail gaps or resistor wheel sets. I have the base for the harbor and walls set up ready to go but need some help from all your collective experience out there. He used the Tichy coal chute kit like I do and also had some different ways of assembling them.

The LifeLike kit actually has facia parts that I use but it is the end of the roof that is too thick.
I do this regularly and floor protection is always needed or my customers tend to get a bit peeved at me. In most cases, the vehicles, figures, and additional scenery are not included, unless otherwise specified. I still have to put something over the ModPodge because it has a little stickyness to it, even when dry.
Piko Modelspielwaren of Germany offers a huge selection of model train track, locomotives, rolling stock, building kits, electronics, DCC, and accessories across G Scale, HO Scale, N Scale, and TT Scales. I used a .015 bronze wire for cable to go over the pulleys and had counterweights attache to them. For models that I sell on Ebay, they just don't pay enough for a really well detailed model. Like I mentioned earlier, I may keep one of these kits and detail it for myself even though I don't need another coal tower on my layout. I have been selling these finished models on Ebay (over 30 so far) and thought they were very good looking for an inexpensive kit.

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