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Model train sets for adults have been put together to avoid the confusion of buying lots of different parts to build a basic model railway. And, because these sets are produced in bulk, and are made easier to deliver across the country, they are substantially cheaper than buying the individual components. DCC is digital command control, which means that more than 1 locomotive can be controlled differently on the same track. With DCC you are supplying a constant voltage to the track and the electronics determine which locomotive will move, and at what speed and in what direction. Another thing to look out for when buying model train sets for adults, is the weight of the locomotive.
Most of the manufactures produce some very well priced model train sets for adults and it is a great way to decide if you want to proceed with the hobby of model railroading, or not. The (7) very excellent+ cars are tucked neatly into their original die-cut areas of the graphic filled insert which is in excellent+ condition. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member.

Acela Express® Set (HO Scale)The high-speed passenger train that revolutionized rail travel comes to layouts everywhere courtesy of Bachmann Industries.
Brewster's Cargo Caper (HO Scale)  Hop on board with mighty Brewster as he rides the rails on a fun train trip. Chattanooga (HO Scale)Capturing all the energy and excitement of train travel is the Chattanooga . Civil War - Union (HO Scale)With the shots fired at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the War Between the States officially began 150 years ago.
Digital Commander (HO Scale)Model railroading enters the digital age with the Digital Commander ! Durango & Silverton (HO Scale)Built originally as a mining line, the scenic value of the Durango & Silverton was quickly recognized in passenger service.
Jingle Bell Express (HO Scale)  The Jingle Bell Express rushes last-minute wishes from the North Pole to homes around the world. Pacific Flyer (HO Scale)Assembly and breakdown of trains in the railway yard is tough work, but this 0-6-0 steam switcher is ready to get the job done.

Santa Fe Flyer (HO Scale)Hauling freight across the deserts, mountains, and cities of the American landscape is the Santa Fe Flyer .
Thoroughbred (HO Scale)Wheels rumble like the pounding of hooves as this iron horse rounds the bend. This controller would vary the voltage supplied to the track which would determine the direction and speed of the locomotive. If you placed 2 locomotives on the same track, they would both move in the same direction and at the same speed. It contains valuable information on the right way to build your model railroad and how to achieve this within the time, space and budget you have available.

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