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Great for fans of slot car racers, model trains and epic accidents, the toy set is made up of two tracks - one for the slot cars and another for the locomotive.  The designs for both are rather basic, although the decision to have them cut off each other's paths is definitely inspired. Two hand-triggered slot cars come with the set, along with a full model train that can be maneuvered forwards and backwards.  Train set includes a locomotive with a working headlight, four freight cars and a caboose. SPOILER ALERT – Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Civil War Box – Exclusive Pics! If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item. I still remember the day Dad brought out some Aurora vibrator cars and my brother and I ran them around a little figure-eight track.

Later, we had a pretty decent Aurora track layout with a handful of the Thunderjet cars, which I still have. I've got the set from my childhood (it's actually more than one set, between my brother and I, combined) of Tyco stuff that I let my kids play with. I've been in the process of cleaning a bunch of big projects out of the basement over the past month and I'm beginning to see some extra space.
Put it in Classic Motorsports however or I'll otherwise I'll have to subscribe to your other rag also. Can't even remember who made the cars but the detail on the E type and Vette was not good but the Buick Riviera wasn't bad if I remember right.. Had the cars stored safely away and the plywood table was still in my dads garage after all those years.

It's Aurora Model Motoring and AFX track with 3 independent train tracks and a reverse loop.
I have a pretty fair amount of early track (the peg and pin type), but only a handful of cars.
In the late 70's and early 80's I then got into AFX HO scale and built an elaborate home track on a 4 x 10 plywood base table.
It was on pulleys and could be raised up to the ceiling when we wanted to use the bumper pool table it rested on.

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