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This is just the sort of thing you can pick up at a garage sale or Goodwill for pennies on the dollar. Hobby Lobby is like a lowgrade Michael's or AC Moore- some good crafting supplies mixed in with a lot of junk. Nothing could have prepared me for the excess of crap and money wasters that fill this place.
You will pay a lot more for it but the people there will likely care a lot more about your framing job, use better quality materials, and frame the piece in a way that it will not be destroyed and look good forever. I went straight to fabric, chose my item and got in line with my item and my 40% off coupon.

A lot of places (like Hobby Lobby) use masking tape and non-acid free mats when framing which will eventually destroy whatever they are framing. Many of the frames are also made of very cheap materials that can eventually cause damage to your framed pieces from chemicals leaking to the surrounding materials.I never cared about framing before I met my wife but when she showed me how the handful of things I had gotten framed on the cheap that were already being damaged by cheap framing materials I changed my mind. Lady in front of me bought a super ugly marble table and massive bouquets of fake ferns that looked like aquarium greens to me. Lady next to me had her cart full of bunnies, plastic eggs and a gigantic yellow metal butterfly.
So it's fairly safe to guess that it took two hours of work, maybe more, to buy that stupid yellow butterfly.

Every time I want to buy something superfluous I remember that it would be paid for by hours that my husband is away from his family.
With that choice in front of me, I choose my husband.I just wonder sometimes when I witness the masses making such different choices than we are if they are even a little a little bit aware of how self-destructive their behaviors are?

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