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The Whistle Stop is another Portland area model trains store that has a complete line of HO trains to sell.
Updated 12May11; Please come back again for website link updates and more information concerning HO model railroad equipment and layout materials suppliers in Washington, Oregon, and other locations across the US. CFI wrote an amicus brief on behalf of several secular organizations attacking this unfair and unconstitutional privilege sought by religion.
Such an exemption is not protecting religious freedom, it is enshrining religious privilege, especially when it harms other people.
That’s right, they are profit-making corporations, no different in that way from General Motors or Microsoft. Don’t the people who run Hobby Lobby and these other companies have religious rights too? Absolutely they have religious rights, and CFI will always seek to protect their individual rights to worship as they chose. If the government prevails, it represents a good start in CFI’s campaign to maintain secular, safe healthcare for all. Ron always has interesting HO scale engines, rolling stock cars, and train layout accessories in his store.

Last year he moved from the tiny store to a larger store on 19th Street in Old Town Forest Grove.
I go there because they stock the largest quantity and variety of model paint supplies in the Portland area. The Supreme Court has always ruled that a government burden cannot be shifted onto other people in this way. The new store has enough room to host a small meeting area for model railroaders and visitors and a larger inventory of HO products.
I use the flat paint colors for adding realistic color and texture details (like on 40-foot logs, a ship pier, and landscape components for my train layout.) Tammie's carries a very large stock of model train cars and engines and they are a Walthers flyer sale dealer. We hope this FAQ can help to clear up some of the big questions surrounding the monumental and complicated case of Sebelius v. These tree models are so realistic looking that they have been selected by curators to be used in displays at The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.
Special paint additive kits to make cars or buildings look stained, dirty, or rusty can also be purchsed at Tammie's. Ron buys used train sets to re-sell and he has some really nice scenery and building kits at the store.

You can find some interesting HO scale autos in stock like ambulances, container yard equipment, and fire trucks at reduced prices (including a HO scale model Mollala Oregon police car from Busch.) They also specialize in radio-controlled airplanes, cars, and boats. One series of detailed finished-lumber loads (manufactured by a local HO train accessories modeler) for lumber transport rail cars are featured only at this store.
I ordered all of the Hooch scale rock walls for my train layout tunnels and an assortment of those relistic-looking trees from Mike. I also purchased limited edition, rolling stock train cars and several HO scale motor vehicles there that I could not find elsewhere in the Portland metroplex.
Unfortunately, their website pages do not really give you a real preview of the expansive supply of HO modeling items that they carry in the store. The Whistle Stop's monthly emailed newsletter also contains a list of most of the model train clubs and swap meet notifications across the western Oregon and southwestern Washington region.

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