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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Alternatively, if only one train is to be used, then additional link wires with  a pair of connecting clips (R8201) will be required.
With this pack, the track layout shown on the Midimat Trackmat included with this set is completed. The powerful Deltic locomotive included in this set can make easy work of pulling the 5 assorted pieces of rolling stock around the oval of track included with the set. Additional Hornby Track and Accessory Packs will complete the main infrastructure of the TrakMat leaving any additional details for the operator to complete. This is truly a magnificent set and one that will get the lucky recipient well on the way to building a model railway that they can be proud of!
The Blue Pullman special tour trains commenced operation in January 2006 and fondly recall the Blue Pullman trains of the 1960s.
Included with this set is the Hornby Select Digital control which takes controlling a model railway to new heights.

The substantial twin circuit of track with siding fits neatly onto the TrakMat included allowing, with the addition of Hornby Track and Accessory Packs for a fully functional layout to be created. And by adding further decoder fitted locomotives controlled by the Select, a busy and rewarding model railway can soon develop.
REMEMBER : ONLY LOCOS FITTED WITH A DIGITAL DECODER CAN BE OPERATED ON THIS SET - please telephone us for more information. The layout may also be extended to the customer's own design if the Track Mat is not used. The locos and rolling stock are also compatible as the couplings are very alike and will connect without problem. A siding is also incorporated into the oval so that simple shunting manoeuvres can be performed by the enthusiastic operator.
This evolution of the Blue Pullmans, which are successfully operated by Hertfordshire Rail Tours and FM Rail now offer a variety of excursions to cities, towns and visitor locations around the British Isles, with the passengers enjoying their trip in superb comfort. Not only does this set have a top of the range locomotive but also three sensational Pullman cars which are complete with a staggering amount of interior detail including table lamps that actually stay lit even when the train is stationary!

Both use a mains powered controller providing a 12v variable speed supply for one locomotive. The City Freight set harks back to the early days of diesel traction and certainly looks impressive as it moves around the track especially if the circuit is placed on the Midi TrakMat included with the set. The awesome power of the full size Duchess locomotive is ably replicated by the model in the set which is powered by a 5 pole skew wound motor housed underneath the locomotive’s body, with the superb liveries on both the locomotive and the four coaches being representative of the period. The specially liveried Class 47 locomotive pulls a selection of the Blue Pullman coaches around an oval of track with siding which fits neatly onto the Hornby TrakMat included with the set. The Hornby Railroad range includes several budget priced train packs ideal for adding another train to your train set. With the addition of Hornby Track and Accessory Packs the 6ft x 4ft TrakMat can soon become a model railway befitting such an elegant set.

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