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Caption: CN 106, 4796 & 105 with an 18 car Agawa Canyon Tour train consist at Agawa Canyon Park on the last run of 2015.
The Coalition for Algoma Passenger trains is trying to find a new operator, in the meantime with regular passenger service halted and CN failing to make any announcement about running the tour train in 2016, the future of any form of passenger service on this line appears very much in doubt. The root cause of this deplorable situation: the Federal Conservatives' decision that the train did not qualify for the remote rail program - in spite of a complete lack of roads much less any other form of public transportation in many of the locales served by the train.

Bookmark us for when you are bored, and check out 'top shots' and 'fantastic (editors choice)' in the menu above, you won't be dissapointed. As we head to the polls, those who support passenger trains should remember the federal governments' decision to cut ACR's, as well as VIA's, meager funding leaving people stranded in towns with no other form of public transportation, all while spending billions on roads, marine terminals, airports, sidewalks ect, which aren't expected to pay their own way much less operate at a profit. I am hoping this will be resurrected not only for 2016 – but year round again like it used to be.

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