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At our HO scale club we've tried several types of track cleaning cars and the only one that really cleans the track well is a CMX Clean Machine filled with lacquer thinner followed by a Centerline car running dry to mop up any residue. A couple of drops of that on the railhead at the busiest part of your model railroad will keep the track and wheel pick up contacts cleaner and running better than they ever have. In my collection I also have an old RibbonRail car, but the tank is cracked so it is a shelf queen also on that shelf is an old Gilbert track cleaner, that is a dropped center flat car, but it needs a new scrubber brush that I think I will have to fabricate. All those cars mentioned in my last reply run over PECO turnouts as they make up about 90% of my turnouts and they do so with out a problem.

The only thing to make sure of is that the wrapping of the J-Cloths on the Centerlines or if you use those cloths on the AZTECS, are wound the correct way.
Concrete dust gets over everything including the trucks when these cars are being loaded at the plant.
This McKeen Models, Southern Railway hopper was weathered the same waymethod as the above cement hopper. I hope this web article is a help for my fellow model railroaders, if you have a question about this weathering process please email me.

However this car is to transport lime, so a flat white latex paint thinned down to a white wash. The prototype photos I found showed very clean cars, but many of them had been 'tagged' with graffiti, possibly within weeks of entering service.

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