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Venice has quite the reputation  – one steeped in gorgeous gondoliers, carnivals and a whole lot of money. When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore, Dean Martin croons in my head. Filed under Travel and tagged Canal Grande, Cantina do Mori, Gondoliers, Loggia dei Cavalli, Ponte di Rialto, St. Holiday’s are usually exhilarating, stimulating, brimming over with to-do boxes to be checked off. Drive to the Laxmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at Antarvedi, past coconut groves looming large over shallow ponds, canals and cattle grazing in green meadows, and village belles drawing water from a pump beside traditional homes of mud and timber with thatched roofs.
With the attitude of metropolis and the vibes of an international city, Delhi is the destination that no traveler would want to miss.
India’s capital city boats of being a vibrant city amidst chaos an confusion, combining modernity with ethnicity, trends with tradition and hi-tech amenities with a conservative outlook.
Dim sum eateries and fine dining restaurants find equal favor in hyper-modern Hong Kong, emerging as one of the gourmet capitals of the world. Hoi An sits right by the South China Sea, and was once an important port of call on Southeast Asian trade routes. It’s time to jump borders again, something that is remarkably easy to do in this neck of the woods.
The capital of former South Vietnam, HCMC (or Saigon) has its own share of heavy history, but there have already been large doses of that, and it’s time to keep things light for a few days.
The former seat of the Khmer Empire, Angkor is probably one of the world’s largest ancient cities, and why peoples flock to Cambodia. Any visit to Angkor must start at the Angkor Wat – if only to beat the crowds that throng this site daily. To understand the country that Cambodia has become, it’s important to understand the country that it was, and Phnom Penh is perhaps the best place to do it.
On this sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore you can experience more of your destination with a number of extended stays. On this intimate river cruise you will journey from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam aboard the elegant RV La Marguerite.
Located on the east coast of Vietnam between the popular resorts of Hué and Hoi An, Danang enjoys a city centre filled with fascinating history and culture and a peaceful coastline of talcum powder sands that are fringed by calm emerald waters. Separated by a short drive across the picturesque Hai Van Pass, laid back Hoi An has a fascinating history, colonial architecture and a fantastic beach. Hue is often referred to as Vietnam's most beautiful city and its principal sights are the romantic, meditative Perfume River, the remains of the Citadel and the grand Tombs of the Emperors.
Quiet shores await at the beachside resort of Mui Ne, a former fishing village and popular extension from Ho Chi Minh City. Con Son Island is part of the mountainous Con Dao Archipelago which is perfect for jungle hiking and boasts a coastline ideal for swimming and snorkelling. Long stretches of pristine sand and clear waters offer sun-kissed relaxation in this bustling coastal town. With 300 days of sunshine a year, Nha Trang is ideal as a beach break on your journey through southeast Asia or as an end-of-tour extension from Ho Chi Minh City.
The jungle-clad Hon Heo Peninsula overlooks this tranquil bay which offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of Nha Trang.
We believe no two holidays should be the same and personal service makes all the difference. The national carrier, Vietnam Airlines, has direct flights to around 22 cities in Asia, Europe and Australia and reaches many more through code sharing with other major airlines.
There are literally hundreds of other options for choosing flights to Ho Chi Minh City when you take into account code sharing arrangements with all these airlines and multi-stop tickets.
Use a search engine such as  Expedia, Vayama, Orbitz, Skyscanner, or Webjet to put in your initial criteria.
Visit or call your local travel agent and see if they can provide you with a better package.
If you are joining a tour, ask the company you are booking with to provide you with a quote. Once you have chosen and booked your flights please consider taking out your travel insurance (if you are over 60 years old see this link) as soon as possible and ensure it covers flight cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.
Domestic flights are relatively cheap and can save you days compared to a bus or train which will help immensely if your schedule is tight. Vietnam Airlines has the lion’s share of the domestic market although there are a couple of other airlines that visitors should investigate to popular destinations.
VASCO is an extremely small subsiduary of Vietnam Airlines and has been operating since 1987.
Note: I do not receive any payment for this post (or any others on the site for that matter!). So the School of Social Work professor of social welfare policy set off for Ho Chi Minh City last fall to spend the school year at Vietnam National University (VNU), the country’s largest university. Collins also learned that social work may be new to Vietnam, but the push is on to build an army of social workers.
Collins: There was some beginning social work in South Vietnam, but after reunification in 1975, social work educational programs were closed.
Mostly I hear about children, street youth and orphans, people with disabilities, and people with HIV.
Social work looks different in different countries, because it must adapt to a culture, the level of economic development, and existing social policies. Social Work in Land of Ho Chi Minh is a catchy title, but it can doom the effort as it starts. The Park Hyatt?s motto is ?luxury is personal? and as soon as you check into their Saigon hotel, you?ll understand why.
Should you need a break from work, you can choose to do a few laps in the sparkling 20-metre pool, where you?ll be served chilled jasmine tea the moment you choose a lounger. Lastly, all visitors to the Park Hyatt Saigon have to visit Square One, one of the hotel?s two restaurants (the other being Opera, an authentic Italian restaurant). So every visit to the Park Hyatt Saigon should include a spa treatment, a cooking class, and a meal at Square One. If sightseeing is more your cup of tea, ask the concierge for a perfectly put-together Concierge Kit, complete with detailed map of the city, and separate listings for art galleries, shopping, interior design, restaurants, bars and clubs in the area.
Setting Right in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City ? overlooking the beautiful Opera House and in walking distance of the Reunification Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Ben Thanh Market.
Why you'll appreciate it it It has all the facilities of a business hotel, the five-star service you?d expect from a large hotel chain, but the character of a boutique hotel. Varies depending on the room, but at least two (one next to the desk, one next to the bed) and one extra in the toilet. Good to know If you?re looking for a place to unwind after a busy day, the Park Lounge is open till 10pm, and has a resident pianist and singer each evening.
Best rooms or suites to book The best room in the hotel is the Presidential Suite, but the Park Suite and Park Executive Suite are also extremely comfortable, with separate bed and living rooms, complimentary fruit platters and bottle of wine, and plenty of working space. Room for improvement Apparently, the internet in the hotel is of a far higher and safer quality than the wireless internet available on the street, which is why it is not complimentary. The Tan Son Nhat International Airport is only 7 kilometres out of town, but the trip takes about 45 minutes by taxi, as the traffic is so bad. Hats off to Singapore post, who have celebrated raising postal rates for the first time in eight years, by issuing free postage stamps to 1.4 million households. The Sydney Morning Herald are at it again, with further justification of why I'll never pay for that garbage via their subscription model. Forget becoming a global financial centre, Sydney these days is struggling to retain its position as Australia's main financial centre, with Melbourne fast catching up on both population and business representation.
Sydney can largely lay blame at the chronic lack of investment in infrastructure over the last few decades.
Having worked and lived in both Hong Kong and Singapore for quite a few years now I can certainly vouch for Sydney losing its fair share of financial jobs.
The tax rates in Hong Kong and Singapore are also favourable, and most of the Aussie expats I know in Singapore are here because their roles back home were offshored. The Managing Director of the ABC, parent of the Australia Network has done a good job of politicising the closure in light of the recent budget cuts. Many of the armchair experts would like to think the Australia Network is broadcasting daily enlightenment into remote villages in Fiji, earth-shattering education into Vietnam, and the highest quality Australian-made regional news into China.
As an expat of quite a few years now, I feel I can confidently say the Australia Network has delivered on few of these aspirations. Its hardly ground breaking stuff, especially in an age where children's entertainment, news and language tuition courses are widely available on other channels, or via the internet, without the Australian taxpayer having to subsidise it. The news offering is often highly Australia focused, often including regional state weather updates, which is hardly going to appeal to an international audience. Personally, I'll miss the Australia Network for the free football, once the season resumes next year.
Honorable mention goes out to the coffee shop at Sixth Avenue where my wife left her handbag on Sunday, being Singapore we went back twenty minutes later and it had been handed in, wallet, cash and cards intact, for collection. I'm back in the game work-wise, having picked up a contract role to see me through the next twelve months.
As luck would have it work had me in London for my first week, which was a great walk down memory lane. Being August when I visited this time round, and with temperatures in the mid-twenties the locals were beside themselves, and every evening life spilled out of the bars and onto the streets. One afternoon after work I took the camera out for a wander, taking the train to Piccadilly Circus, which is still an awe inspiring place, with the sheer volume of tourists out & about. Alas, I was only there for a few days and left on Friday night, almost missing my flight and making it rather late on account of sitting in the lounge downing champagne with my headphones on.

Walking past the local, this one has been spruced up and has some kind of nightclub upstairs.
As seen at Sixth Avenue in Singapore over the weekend, an old row of hawker stalls closed, gutted, and re-opened as a new style GastroHawker(tm). Customers can order their food and drinks from a variety of new stalls, with only a slight mark-up on the standard hawker centre prices (which, according to some locals, is absolutely outrageous).
My single hope is that in time, Masterchef Australia might like to visit Singapore in an upcoming season, and as an individual challenge, could make do with each contestant running a stall and trying to live on SG$ 3000 (approx US$ 2400) monthly including rent, food and bills, which is the standard wage within the industry. I'm not sure how many calls the Singapore Airlines call centres were receiving from worried customers at the time, asking which routes SQ flights take over Europe, so maybe the idea of a tweet to clarify their position seemed like the best idea at the time. Anyhow, I've been flying Singapore Airlines for many years now, and intend to continue flying them in the future, including to London return early next month. Firstly, the Australia Network have confirmed they will continue to broadcast the remainder of the AFL season including the Grand Final, and will increase the number of live games per weekend from four to five. Secondly (and thirdly), Weird Al is back in action with a couple of great additions to an already top notch discography. We awoke to further tragic news regarding a Malaysian Airlines flight yesterday, after MH017 was shot down over the Ukraine. Much of the fallout since has involved questions regarding why Malaysian Airlines was flying through the area in the first place, and it has been pointed out several times since that the area has a high volume of Europe to Asia flights. After close to four months off, which in Singapore is now slowly but surely doing my head in, its back to the workforce for me early next month as I start a new contract role. I'll look back on this time off with great affection, highlights would certainly be visiting Vietnam twice and attending couple of weddings in Australia. We'll see how it goes, a week after I start I may be pining for days of trailing up and down Balesteir Road taking photos.
Five weeks since the Sundown (half) Marathon and it goes without saying I haven't been doing a lot of running since. Some photos from Gardens by the Bay on the way to the station, looking good with the overcast skies today.
News you can use on a Friday, via an evolutionary explanation that humans are hard-wired to drink. The explanation involves our fruit-eating primate ancestors smelling alcohol (via fermented fruit) out from a distance, thus developing a strong sense of scent.
Also showing at the cinemaaaa are posters for a Jersey Boys movie, and a few other good looking ones around the corner.
When we first moved into our apartment four years ago the wine shop down at Balmoral Plaza had a handy outside sitting area, where people could buy a nice bottle and partake the delights of the local chicken rice shop. Times have changed and the outside area was ripped up several years back, largely because the wine shop no longer wanted to pay the increased rent on the outside floor space. Fast forward to 2014 though, and all that's old is new again with a new paved area going in to accommodate new seating for the wine shop. Picking up the theme of visiting spots of Singapore while I have the time, yesterday was a good opportunity to take a look at the southern end of the Green Corridor, a long windy trail & park that has been left behind after the Singapore to Malaysia railway was ripped up, with trains from Malaysia now terminating at Woodlands on the Singapore side, just across the causeway from Johor Bahru. Our apartment is not far from the now abandoned Bukit Timah station and bridge which remains over Bukit Timah and Dunearn Roads. As a passing thought, the Remember Singapore page has a lot of detail on the Green Corridor (and to me previously unknown Jurong Railway) when it was a functioning railway.
The list of five star airlines for anyone that's interested includes ANA, Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Hainan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Checking the latest ranking for Ethihad, it seems Skytrax have rated them a four star airline. SE19, SE20: Air-conditioned soft sleepers, air-conditioned hard sleepers, air-conditioned soft seats, air-conditioned hard seats, ordinary hard seats. But the village of Dindi, flanked by the Vashista River, a tributary of the Godavari and part of the verdant Konaseema Delta formed by the Vashista and Goutami rivers, lives life at an intoxicatingly relaxed amble. You will actually feel the sensation of stepping back into a time before tourism and touts in the village of Gudimellanka, 5 kilometers into the drive from Dindi. While most of cities of the world have similar profiles, Delhi stands out for consistently being the chosen one across dynasties and not without a reason. Few people care to scratch the surface of this port city, which has achieved economic success on the world stage despite being occupied by a succession of countries. Along Vietnam’s gorgeous coastline, this little town has quite the reputation as a retreat – it’s where the American troops came to recuperate, and it’s where you should plan to unwind and slow things down a notch, too. Goods made their way from the Far East to the west, and the Japanese and Chinese traders, in particular, and left their mark here.
Board a train in Phnom Penh, and half a day later, you’ll be stepping off in Ho Chi Minh City.
Ho Chi Minh City is a good place to do that, to – as the base of the American operations in the country. Everyone in Ho Chi Minh City gets around on two wheels, and the roads are always covered by a veritable swarm of motorbikes. Indian travelers in particular will feel quite at home here – Indian influences are rife at this citadel’s architectural marvels, from garudas and nagas sitting guard atop structures to lingams sitting in the occasional nook in temples. Built as a tribute to Vishnu, it’s reminiscent of the temples you find all across South India, although a whole lot larger.
The population is largely young and carefree, but they carry the burden of painful memories.
Kanchanaburi is a popular break with Bangkok Thais, who bring the party to the otherwise languid town, but it’s generally a slow, easy getaway that’s quite the antidote to Bangkok’s madness. Immortalized in that movie, the actual bridge constructed by WWII prisoners of war as part of the Burma Railways, spans the river Kwai at Kanchanaburi.
There are a wide range of luxury cruise lines available which can be packaged up with any Kuoni holiday. The gateway to the hilltribes of Sapa and the beauty of Halong Bay, Hanoi is an unmissable Vietnam destination and the perfect starting point for a journey south via Hue or Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City. The charming coastal town boasts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and makes an ideal stop on a journey through Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. This low-key resort boasts an impressive palm-lined beach complemented by a range of great value local bars, shops and restaurants. Offshore islands offer fantastic diving and the hilltop Po Nagar Cham Towers provide fascinating insight into Vietnam's history. It is only accessible by boat so it has a castaway vibe and is wonderfully peaceful and private. As of May 2014, there were 51 direct domestic and international flights to Ho Chi Minh City and thousands more options via major flight hubs. The international Code for Ho Chi Minh City is SGN, a reference back to it’s old name Saigon.
It has been my experience that the best bargains are on-line these days but agents will sometimes have access to special deals, especially if you are booking a multi stop or round the world ticket. Reducing the number and length of stop-overs and having inclusions such as baggage allowances, meals and beverages might actually save you money overall. Ho Chi Minh city is not a great place to turn up to extremely late at night or very early in the morning unless you have your accommodation booked for at least the first night and they are aware of when you are likely to turn up. Most flights will be extremely short and you are likely to spend more time getting to the airport and going through check-in formalities than you will actually spend in the air. Their domestic flights to Ho Chi Minh City originate from Hanoi, Danang, Haiphong, Vinh, Hue, Phu Quoc Island, Nha Trang,  and Buon Ma Thuot.
It currently has daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City from 4 destinations – Ca Mau, Tuy Hoa, Chu Lai and Con Dao with a connection to Can Tho four days a week. I do receive a small amount of money by allowing advertisements on the site and any purchases made through those links. She considered working in several Asian countries, but decided on Vietnam once she learned that social work was a new field there. She settled into an apartment a 10-minute walk from the university and learned the fine art of weaving through chaotic traffic to cross a street. In 2010, the Vietnamese government officially classified the job as a profession and allocated money for training social workers and creating a network of social services. In the late 1980s, the country began making economic reforms, which led to the creation of a market economy.
Some of my Vietnamese colleagues speak English, but not well enough to discuss scholarly issues in depth.
But this experience raises some questions about how adaptable social work can be and still maintain its core attributes.
The North-South partition of Vietnam in 1954,the fall of Saigon in 1975 and subsequent communist take over, represent deep trauma to non-communist South Vietnamese. That is, unless you?re lucky enough to travel to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and stay at the Park Hyatt Saigon. It?s not just the friendly welcome and easy in-room check-in by reception staff dressed in traditional Vietnamese attire. The business facilities in the hotel are top-notch, with 24 hour secretarial services in the business centre, ample banquet and meeting facilities (including a ballroom that can accommodate up to 400 people, four meeting rooms and two boardrooms, all fully equipped with high-specification audio-visual and wireless broadband technology). Or work up a sweat in the fitness centre, featuring the latest Life Fitness cardio equipment with personal LCD television screens and headphones.
The Xuan Spa (xuan meaning ?spring? because the spa is designed to rejuvenate you completely) is an award-winning sanctuary with seven treatment rooms, all with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in natural light, and antique Vietnamese wood furniture. If you have a half-day to spare, this offers a way to engage with Vietnamese culture directly ? from the trip to the local market to choose fresh ingredients, to the morning spent cooking up traditional Vietnamese dishes (accompanied by Vietnamese tunes and glasses of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice). Square One was recently voted the Number-One Restaurant in Vietnam by The Miele Guide 2009, and when you eat there, you?ll see why. But, really, that?s only half the pleasure in staying at this business-hotel-with-a-difference.

But I still think a business hotel should offer free internet ? it?s such a key part of doing business these days. An airport limousine service is available to and from the airport, and Guest Services can arrange for an airport greeting service if you wish. The good, including over-the-top laundry service that sends a text message when your garments are ready for collection.
A smattering of house, deep house, spot of trance at the end and old classic to finish things off. I don't often do movie reviews so when I do it means something has stuck out of the pack. The hallowed portals of the temple, built between the 15th and 16th centuries, will deepen the reverie. At his family-owned property, The Himalayan Trout House, strategically situated on the banks of the Tirthan in Banjar, Himachal Pradesh. It has quite a bit of a city-slicker vibe left over, though not in a way that takes away from its innate charm. Though once a Hindu state, the temples in Angkor were converted into Buddhist shrines when beliefs changed, leading to a somewhat curious juxtaposition of Hindu symbolism and idols with Buddhist ones. Poverty is a huge problem, but that hasn’t stopped the capital city, Phnom Penh, from blossoming into a well-organized, cosmopolitan (if small) city. A cemetery for those who lost their lives here, as well as a museum, stand close to the bridge and are worth wandering through. It is home to one of Vietnam's most charming hideaways, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, a stunning and secluded eco-chic resort. I usually prefer Expedia because it picks up the budget airlines such as Air Asia and Jetstar as well as Vietnam Airlines and the other majors.
Some companies will provide a discount on the land package if you book your flights through them.
Also the cheapest flights are likely to have much more stringent conditions on refunds and changes. That move has fueled a demand not only for social workers, but for social work faculty, which is where Collins comes in. That brought benefits, especially poverty reduction, to Vietnam, but rapid industrialization has also led to new social problems.
They are very hungry for any information, such as for a social work curriculum or the role of support groups. For example, policy advocacy on behalf of the poor and other vulnerable populations is central to the profession.
Each room has its own separate workspace, a good-sized desk with all the stationery you might need to write up a quick proposal, and high-speed broadband internet access (although this is charged for by the minute). All this is what you?d expect from a business hotel, though, and it?s not what sets the Park Hyatt Saigon apart. As soon as you step into the softly candlelit treatment room, you?ll feel the tension start to dissipate.
Students will learn how to cook fresh spring rolls, lotus salad and fried garoupa, amongst other dishes, and will leave equipped not only with a Park Hyatt Saigon apron, but a Vietnamese cookbook, a precious folder of recipes, and the skills to recreate this slice of Vietnamese life. The restaurant is unique in that it has five different dining areas, all with open kitchens, cooking Charcoal Grilled meats, Vietnamese Grill, Steam and Wok, and Seafood on Ice, accompanied by a Dessert Kitchen and the Juice and Tea Station.
The rest of the pleasure is gleaned from the hotel itself, in particular its extraordinary art collection, all by local Vietnamese artists.
The flat screen television has all the usual satellite channels as well as all the BBC channels (the only place I?ve seen this in South-East Asia), which is a nice touch. If you plan on doing a lot of swimming, the Park Deluxe rooms open directly on to the pool (with a small private terrace), but they offer less privacy than the slightly smaller Park King rooms on higher floors. Usually celebrated in early February, this is a truly delightful time, when restaurants and roads are lit up with lanterns of all shapes and sizes. It’s a city that’s got neon lighting up the skyline and immaculately-dressed residents walking along its broad pavements, sitting check-by-jowl with tiny lanes crammed with traditional ‘pharmacies’ and quiet temples offering respite from the chaos outside.
They’ve taken the remnants of all the invading cultures and cobbled together a city that’s completely Cambodian in essence. You can also take a train as it crosses over the bridge – the ride from the River Kwai bridge Station to Nam Tok is a slow journey, allowing you to take in the lovely sight of the mountains looming to one side as the river gushes past on the other; quite a contrast to its history.
This luxurious resort is the perfect hideway for nature-lovers in search of relaxation, superb cuisine and a choice of activities. We also had a really good experience with their customer service when we needed to make urgent changes while in Africa. You might actually be well out of pocket if anything happens to prevent you taking that particular flight. Put together, these two requirements alone might cost you more than the savings on your ticket compared to arriving at a more convenient hour.
She now teaches students and faculty in the VNU social work department and trains social workers in the field.
Several thousand people have a BSW, but only about 40 have a MSW, which is the critical degree in social work. Support groups, such as for cancer survivors or for victims of violence, are relatively unknown in Vietnam. So my biggest challenge is having a good understanding of the social problems and policies in Vietnam when my typical methods of learning, reading and asking questions, are so limited. Frequently my colleagues here solely want to hear from me and are reluctant to engage in a scholarly exchange of ideas.
And it?s not just the residential feel of the large, spacious rooms with French windows and wooden plantation shutters; although all this helps. All treatments begin with a gentle foot wash and massage, and then it?s up to you to choose from a wide range of facial or body therapies, including massage and ayurvedic treatments.
The cuisine is a direct split of Western and Vietnamese dishes, with Western-style meats and seafood, and traditional-style Vietnamese cuisine.
The art collection is so impressive, in fact, that the hotel has put together a coffee-table book showcasing the highlights, with biographies of each of the local artists. If you surrender to the madness of fly-fishing, you’ll soon find yourself drowned in the subject over endless cups of chai and dinners of trout. Walk around Phnom Penh and you’ll see ritzy hotels, sprawling bungalows and wide avenues, but also seedier corners and more run-down eateries and cafes. Thatched villas are nestled on the hillside, perched on the rocks or right by the beach and each one offers a private plunge pool, refreshing outdoor shower and dedicated butler.
They provide the option to mix and match airlines where there is a distinct price advantage. Some of their promotional airfares are EXTREMELY cheap and are barely more than taking the bus or train. I would expect that those will eventually get more attention from social work as the field develops.
There are no participatory processes in which social workers can advocate on behalf of our clients, certainly not like we can in the United States. There is still a lot of emotional baggage from the Vietnam War and there are refugee families all over the U.S.
It?s the sense that although this is in every way a smooth-running luxury machine, it is also a place where your slightest whim will be accommodated, with grace and ease.
If you can?t decide between a massage or a facial (as I couldn?t), go for the best of both worlds and have half an hour of each. Another refreshing feature of the restaurant is that guests can sit in any area they choose but order from the entire menu.
Every guest will no doubt have their favourite (although choosing a favourite may take some time) but the most impressive artwork is certainly ?Hue? in the reception area, created by an artist called Ho Hoang Dai. But what will stay with me about the Park Hyatt Saigon ? despite its international level of service ? is this: it offers the visitor a chance to experience Vietnam, authentically.
You will become one of a community of fly-fishing enthusiasts that gather regularly at this mecca of expertise and equipment. There are also constant reminders of just how recent Cambodia’s rehabilitation has been – it’s not unusual to have someone maimed in the war approach you for alms, not something that you’ll find in Siem Reap. While researching flights for our next European trip we found some excellent deals on Vayama and Orbitz. Sign up for alerts on this route to keep in tune with price fluctuations if you aren’t ready to book just yet. Without this core element of the profession here, it raises some fundamental questions about how effective a role social workers can have in Vietnam. The therapist is so highly skilled that a half hour Swedish back massage will melt any tension you might have stored in your muscles, and the express facial (specially designed for those on the go) is a revitalizing boost for the skin, and includes a short (but heavenly) head and neck massage. If you?re really interested in what the chefs are up to, you can even sit at the counter of the kitchen and watch the magic in action. The large rural scene is composed entirely of stained pieces of newspaper, painstakingly assembled in a collage that took over two years to make, and which the artist refuses to replicate (even though numerous international guests have asked him to). Even if your stay in the country is only in Saigon for a few days business, you will be able to taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine, perhaps learn how to cook a few dishes, explore some of the city surroundings and soak up some of the country?s best artwork. It is interesting though because Ho Chi Minh used to work in Boston before he brought Communism to his country. It?s small touches like this that really make the Park Hyatt Saigon special ? this is not some chain hotel only interested in shuttling guests in and out. It?s a carefully put together residence for discerning travellers to experience a taste of Vietnam, even if they only have a few days in the city.

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