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Incredible original leather seats – they show a little age, but they’re still soft and comfortable! Kind of like buying a low mileage pre-owned  Jaguar in 1971 – but it’s 2011 now!
Here’s the Stayfast top, in nice shape, especially considering it has spent the last 30 years in the down position! Here’s a work receipt, showing 18,467 miles in 1972 at  British Motor Car distributors, LTD in Anaheim, CA. The prospective purchaser of a vehicle may, at his or her own expense and with the approval of the dealer, have the vehicle inspected by an independent third party either on or off the dealership premises.

All Prices shown DO NOT include California Sales Tax, DMV fees, smog certificate on post-1975 vehicles, Documentation fees, and any late registration fees owed to DMV.
Out of state customers are responsible to pay sales tax and any other government fees in their own state. All information, specifications, data, details, description and price are subject to change without notice.
Please contact the dealer selling this vehicle for complete, accurate, up-to-date information.
This contract cancellation option requirement does not apply to the sale of a motorcycle or an off-highway motor vehicle subject to identification under California law.

669094 William Lyons wanted a brand new sports car to replace the SS100 and to take on the competition of the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin.

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