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To support passenger service, the F40PH is equipped with a secondary electrical generator referred to as the head end generator (or HEP, for Head End Power).
Although it has been retired from Amtrak service, it operated for over 20 years and today it continues to be the motive power for commuter railroads such as VRE, MBTA, Caltrain, Metrolink, and Metra) and more all over the United States.
The need for constant constant frequency power means that these HEP units are constantly running at 900rpm, resulting in the nickname "Screamers" for the units due to the sound.

It is well detailed and runs beautifully, with very smooth running at low speeds and adequate traction for long trains. The only concern is that it is  sensitive to track conditions and slight differences in level between the rails led to derailment. The sound is fantastic - there is a 2 watt output so the volume sometimes has to be turned down!Service by Model Train was excellent and the order arrived quickly and the price was reasonable.

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