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June 12, 2015 by NYCSingleMom Filed Under: New York City, Travel 1 CommentWhether you are visiting New York City for a few days or live here,  finding KID FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS IN NEW YORK CITY  can be difficult. Potatopia, an all-potato concept restaurant with locations in New York City, Staten Island, Long Island and New Jersey, offers a fresh take on POTATOES!  The menu offers nine different potato styles, as well as signature meals with catchy names such as, “I Think Therefore I Yam,” which includes fresh-cut sweet potato crinkle fries, Asiago and Parmesan cheeses, parsley, and house made garlic aioli.  Kids  can customize their meals, which allows them to get creative with the toppings, which include nutrient rich, all-natural proteins that are free of hormones, antibiotics and MSG as well as fresh vegetables that parents can sneak in under a variety of tasty house-made sauces. Hill Country Chicken is inspired by its founder’s childhood memories and their passion for the Texas-style home cooking of their mother and grandmother, Betty and Momma Els – hearty, crave-able comfort food served lovingly, casually and unpretentiously by people with big smiles on their faces. If you are looking for things to do in New York City with your children – here are 25 things to do while in NYC.
Don’t Miss Future Articles about visiting New York City and Giveaways – SUBSCRIBE to NYC Single Mom by Email! There’s also a great spot on 14th Street between 6 & 7th called the Good Stuff Diner! One of our favourite areas of the city is in Chelsea right under the High Line, with Chelsea Markets, the Hudson River Park and Chelsea Piers all a short stroll away. Thanks to the not so reliable service on the subway, we arrived late and somewhat dishevelled. We ordered the bread basket to keep Cheese entertained while we waited for everyone to arrive and order—it came literally in a casserole dish, possibly the most bread I’ve even see dished up on a plate.
It seems like Cheese has reached a certain difficult age where dining out is similar to our first few months with her as newborn. We had a few friends with us, so we ordered a good variety of brunch food, including the Crispy Black Kale (with pecorino, chile and garlic), Cast Iron Baked Eggs (with chorizo, charred scallion, parmesan cream, $16), Slow-Cooked Eggs (with steel cut oats, smoked bacon and maple hollandaise, $15), Egg White Omelette (with spring vegetables and charred tomato sauce, $14), Charred Bean Salad (with mustard seed, pepita and smoked paprika, $14) and the star dish of the day, the Brioche French Toast (with banana-apple caramel and whipped sour cream, $15).

My Brioche French Toast was lusted after by everyone except the toddler who just wanted to eat pieces of ice from the water chiller.
While Willow Road had none of the usual baby-friendly paraphernalia, what they did have was extremely friendly and accommodating staff. Now that Cheese is always on the go and eating out is getting harder, we love to stop by Vive la Crepe whenever we pass through SoHo.
What’s great about a crepe is that you can eat it with just one hand—either while seated (the luxury!) or while chasing a toddler who looks similar to the disheveled monkey below.
On this most recent  visit we asked if they could make something for our toddler that was small enough for her to hold and eat by herself (since toddlers are all about being independent).
If your kids are fed up with the same old restaurant staples such as hamburgers and hot dogs, and want something they’ve never experienced before, here is a list of of Kid-Friendly restaurants that are sure to please them and you.
Only the finest, all-natural chickens are used, and all of the food is prepared daily on premise using only the freshest, premium ingredients. A new eatery to this prime strip of real estate is Willow Road, a New American restaurant and bar offering twists on classic dishes and an extensive cocktail menu (try the Hair of the Dog pick, the Willow Fresca—sparkling wine, fords gin, fresh lemon, peach tincture—$14, for a refreshing zing to wake you right up).
The hostess couldn’t have been friendlier or more charming, letting us sit at the table while we waited for everyone else to arrive.
It was everything French toast should be—light, fluffy, sweet, and covered in a delicious apricot and caramel fruit compote, with a dash of whipped sour cream. There is a small space next to the counter where you can fold a stroller, or if it’s pretty empty inside you can park the stroller next to your table.

No highchairs, so we sat in a corner booth-type area, and squished the Cheese between us to stop her from escaping. Upon request we were given a dish of whipped butter, which complemented the bread to perfection. Now, instead of being rocked, our chaos-loving toddler, who refuses to sit still for a minute, needs to be escorted around by one parent, while the other gets a few minutes to shovel in her food. A great mix of flavours and textures with perfectly grilled beans and seeds, and a zing of paprika. Vive la Crepe satisfies all of our needs during this period of our toddler’s life—quick service and tasty food we can easily eat while chasing a dizzyingly fast kid. The mozzarella is fresh and the batter is just sweet enough without being overly sweet and taking over the other flavours.
A hen’s party wearing candy pink cowboy hats took up one large table (and were amazingly mellow), while upbeat tunes played over the speakers. It does, however, mean our restaurant choices for the next few months will be a lot less of the sit-down variety, and more of the grab-and-go kind.
The hostess and other staff we ran (literally) into during these strolls could not have been more understanding and kind, making it super kid-friendly even without highchairs and change tables.

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