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We clearly witnessed some super-human feats, yet I was reminded by how human we are in watching Lionel Messi. He tends to collapse through the neck and back, rounding the shoulders, taking his head back and down his neck. To be fair,  Messi risen in the face of other pressure moments, but this one proved too much as he sailed his final kick well over the goal in the final seconds. I would never venture to give Lionel Messi advise about soccer, but I believe he could have benefitted  (and still could) from Alexander Technique lessons.
Alexander Technique is ideally suited for performers, from actors to musicians to dancers to public speakers, because our bodies are our instrument or vital to playing our instrument.

Arguably the current best player in the world (he has a reported $50 million contract with Barcelona), Lionel is undeniably great. And I would bet they would  help his performance on the pitch, especially in pressure situations, as well as prevent injuries in the future. Lionel Messi is an Argentinean Football player and also the captain of national football team of Argentina. I’m a passionate Argentina fan (after the USA, of course), and so it was an exciting, yet ultimately disappointing World Cup. If Argentina had won the final game, I would have  wondered how much better could Messi have been if his head, neck and back were in better coordination.

Messi is an outstanding football player due to his brilliant performance in the game of football. Watching soccer matches is like getting sucked into Russian novels – long, deep and anguishing.
For our lovely users, we have arranged high resolution Wallpapers of Lionel Messi and lionel messi images to keep their favorite football player on their screen always.

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