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Available for separate sale in 1959-60, these missiles were divided into two sections that can be easily separated.

Reproduction missiles are available, but these missiles are slightly shorter than the original due to shrinkage of the molds, the rubberized tips are not as finely molded, and the tail fins are slightly thicker than the originals. Lionel packaged these missiles in a thick card stock tube that had an expanded section of tube that fit over the other and had a metal end cap.
This car has an unpainted WHITE plastic body that has RED and DARK BLUE heat-stamped lettering.
In 1966, Lionel packaged this crossing in a blister pack that was designed to be held in place on a dealer’s rack. 372 Union Pacific GP-7 (Built by Gilbert) diesel, 915 flatcar with load,911 C&O gondola with brown plastic pipes, 924 Jersey central hopper, 930 Tuscan caboose. 3665 was another fanciful creation by Lionel’s designers that may have been based on an actual Air Force launching system that was never developed.
Usually colored RED and WHITE these sections of the missile have led to the various combinations that are found today.

Given the number B1023, this packaging is illustrated to the right and its value is tied to this packaging. Produced from 1956 to 1966, and again in the last two years of the Post War Era: 1968 and 1969. 3530 GM Generator Box Car so that the roof was divided into to two sections that would open and a missile would fire with the use of a No. The rubberized tip of the missile is always a DARK BLUE color, although some RED examples have been found that have been attributed to Madison Hardware.

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