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For example, assemble O-72 curved track into a circle and you will have a 72" diameter layout.
A locomotive with a Minimum Curve requirement of O-36 will run on a layout with O-72 curves, but a locomotive with a Minimum Curve requirement of O-72 will not run on a layout with O-36 curves.Recommended Minimum CurveLionel locomotives and rolling stock are thoroughly tested to determine their Minimum Curve requirement.
In some cases, a Lionel car or locomotive may be able to easily negotiate most, but not all, possible track configurations for that Minimum Curve.

This larger measurement allows for all combinations of Lionel track and switches.Traditional vs. Standard OLionel O gauge locomotives and rolling stock are divided into two basic categories—Traditional and Standard O.
Traditional locomotives are sized for Traditional Rolling Stock, and Standard O locomotives are sized for Standard O Rolling Stock.

These “larger scale” trains are powered by an easy-to-operate RC controller that runs on two AA batteries (not included).

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