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Today only at Amazon, save up to 40% on Lionel trains, including the Polar Express, Pennsylvania Flyer, and Coca-Cola Holiday Set.
The Lionel Polar Express Train Set is based on an enchanting children’s story book which brings back some magic to life.
The Lionel polar express train set is a classic train collector item and a must-have for any holiday season. The pieces of the Lionel Polar Express Train Set can easily be assembled, from train cars smooth linking up to the setting up of each track.
Kids may take some time to actually begin driving the train – most especially if they are electric train beginners, but will soon catch on quickly. There are tiny figurines placed atop the train cars – which provide good entertainment. There is 1 coal tender, 1 die-cast steam engine, 2 coach passenger cars, 1 observation car, 1CW-80 transformer, 4 articulated movie figurines, 1 bottle smoke fluid, Santa’s bell, oval track 40’x60’ (includes 8 curved parts, 1 power terminal, 3 straight parts) along with an instruction book.
The Lionel Polar Express Train Set is a beautiful train set to watch in action with its air whistle, puffing smoke stack and operational lights. To make sure your Polar Express train keep running smoothly check out our Lionel Train repair page. This web site is not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer of the product or products featured on this web site. The company's sweepstakes had three main goals: to promote The Polar Express brand, create more awareness about the product line and boost holiday sales.
Their collection dates back to 1918 and features both classic train sets and more modern sets. Here's a handsome addition to the Polar Express product line - an exquisitely crafted G-Gauge train set that comes with an easy-to-operate RC remote controller.
For the first time ever in O Gauge, the Polar Express Train Set is available with remote control operation!
Brookstone Protection Plus service and replacement plans provide enhanced coverage that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

Fitted with the new TrainChief Remote Control system by Lionel, engineers young and old have complete control over their Polar Express trains by an easy-to-use remote. Many of the parts are quite heavy – including a transformer that is very impressive that powers the train. There is a sense of old fashioned quality to the Lionel Polar Express Train Set – as it is well crafted and designed with working headlights, interior lighting and well crafted parts. These articulated figures have turning heads, bendable wrists, move-able arms and joint knees. These trains can be run using the conventional C batteries (which are included in your box) or a rechargeable battery of 9.6 volt. Also, you can take advantage of its transformer controlled forward, reverse and neutral operation.
Metrics Influenced Results Egan says that the toy train empire's campaign proved to be a resounding success. More We sorted through offerings from more than 1,000 exhibitors at New York's annual Toy Fair to find some of the most promising new playthings out there. The new Lionel Little Lines Polar Express Train Set 1 captures the true essence of this Christmas morning and gives kids plenty to explore. If You Buy From A Non Authorized Dealer Your Warranty Will Not Be Honored By Most Manufacturers.
We acknowledge that products, company names and logos mentioned on this site are trademarks of their respective owners. More than 1,300 Facebook fans liked the Lionel Trains page over the course of the sweepstakes.
Even if visitors do not purchase tickets for the Polar Express or the train museum, they can also visit The Storytelling Center of the Southern Appalachians completely for free. What is so amazing about this train set is that unlike other sets available in the market, it is very much for real. The Lionel Polar Express Train Set will bring about fun and magic long after the holidays are gone as long as you keep it in shape with the proper Lionel train repair.

Also, the track is built at 40 inches wide and 60 inches long, but this can be extended if required by buying more track pieces from Lionel. While batteries may not last too long, the better option to use would be rechargeable batteries.
FTC Affiliate Disclosure - Some links on this site may lead directly or indirectly to affiliate offers. The social media contest also attracted more than 25,500 unique visitors to its landing page in no small part due to Lionel's analytic approach to driving traffic to the contest's entry form.
The set comes with 44 pieces which include complete layout of track switches, suspension bridge with stone arches, finely-detailed train with a steam engine and more. For younger kids, it is better to be cautious, as these figurines are rather small and can become a choking hazard. The owner of this site may receive compensation if a purchase is made using a affiliate link from this site.
There you can watch the toy maker handcraft wooden toys and learn traditional Appalachian Christmas stories. The complete train set creates an experience that fills play time with fun, imagination, creativity and a lot more. The larger scale battery operated trains include a bell and a whistle and is designed for children ages four and up.
The owner of this site does not make any guarantee concerning these offers and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. After briefly considering weekly train set giveaways, the company decided to hold one contest each month to help drum up support and excitement.
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