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My first exposure to Lionel Trains would have been in the 1956-1958 timeframe, at my grandfather's house. You go to York , and see masses of average-to-excellent Postwar Lionel items for sale: the full range, from rusty O27 curves, all the way up to $2000-plus 773 Hudsons and $3000 brown cardboard shipping boxes. Further, would you really rather be listening to the ballgame in your car on a 1956 tube-type vibrator-powered car radio? In 1948 alone, two of Lionel's most enduring icons were introduced: the F3 diesel and the ZW transformer. Was Lionel guilty of excess when it claimed that owning one of their trains created a new lifestyle, or bonded families, or promoted all sorts of better habits? If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member.
True enough, the Lionel Corporation started economizing in all sorts of ways from about 1955 to the closing of the Hillside doors in 1969.

For people who “missed out” on the Postwar Era firsthand (which technically covers 1945-1969), what is the attraction?
Prefer to hear your favorite tune from a 45-RPM vinyl disc instead of a piece of digital memory on an I-Pod?
Other than the fiercely-competitive, market-glutted scene we have today, in which all manner of trains are available, the greatest era of toy train production was arguably the postwar period. But there were plenty of exciting trains still being made in 1959, when I latched on to my first Lionel catalog. Aren't today's trains better-detailed, smoother-running, and capable of “doing it all” electronically?
Why would a near-scale model of the New York Central's classic steamer become so iconic, and lead to so many imitations? Do you really miss the day when your 220 Santa Fe diesel derailed every time backing through a high-dollar 1122 Lionel O27 switch?

It was a high-end model, something to dream about owning, and it was larger, closer-to-scale than the smaller Hudsons, Berkshires and other steam engines that most of our parents could afford. The Operating Coal Ramp #456 was designed to work with the #3456 Norfolk & Western Hopper Car which was manually pushed up the ramp to be coupled into place at the top. The coal could be dumped out of it remotely with the use of the #456C Controller which is included. This accessory could be used in conjunction with the Lionel Trains #397 Coal Loader for continuous operation.

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