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Variation B: 1951 to 1953 production as indicated above with SILVER rubber-stamped number on the cab.
This locomotive was sold in 027 Gauge sets, but it will work equally well on the wider radius of O Gauge track. 1666 and altered by adding a feed water heater box on the pilot and extending the sand dome.

For this version Lionel would change the trailing truck into a four wheeled sheet metal version that would alter the type of locomotive to a 2-6-4 Adriatic. First issued in 1948 and 1949, this locomotive would be a Prairie Type with a 2-6-2 wheel arrangement. Other changes resulted in the removal of the eccentric crank and the steel rims on the driving wheels.

It came with sliding shoe center rail pickups, a smoke unit, and a three position directional unit whose control lever protrudes from the top of the boiler right in front of the cab.

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