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Probably the most important part of this operation is a??Good computer skill levelsa?? to complete the jobs in hand. Step #1 is to obtain a suitable photograph with trees with either mountains or a town scene. Step #3 what I did next was to make a blank photograph using these dimensions and then saved it. Fig1 shows some trees I cut out, these trees actually were photographed on my 0n30 layout, and show the cut out around the trees.
As I only required the tops and part of the lower half of the photo (Hidden from view on sky) I didna??t bother to cut this off, just printed it out.
Select the magic wand tool and left click into top left of picture, now hold down shift and click into every available clear part.
Step #5 Remember the blank image you made, well, now is the time to bring it on to the screen.
Step #6 Okay, thata??s one part of it done, if you place the photo at the right edge or the left edge, you will notice that these is still plenty of room for another image to be placed. Step #7 well, thata??s the first part completed, all that remains now is for you to look at the photo and see what need to be altered using a a??clonea?? brush in the imaging program.

If you printing out town scenes with trees behind, I would suggest you printout the town scenes first.
All trees should be printed onto a??Epson transparencies papera?? so when the trees are cut all around, and placed onto the sky background, they will merge well into the sky. Well, there you are homemade back scenes; here are a few photos from my N-scale layout with back scenes I created.
If enough members show an interest in background photo manipulation, then of course a more in-depth photo manipulation tutorial will be written to show advanced techiniques to make backrounds look as realisitc as possible. You will need some sort of imaging program one that can re-size and have the ability to erase and eliminate what is not required on the printout. Now hopefully youa??re imaging program will have the facility to place a a??Magica?? wand inside it. When finished go to SELECT and inverse the picture then save the selection from the SELECT button. All you need do now is to copy and paste again, and the second set of trees will come along side the first set. What this brush does is to literally clone parts of an area, so ita??s a simple task to see which areaa??s are in need of touch up and fix it.

Then printout the trees using a??Epson transparencies papera?? Once you have printed the trees and cut them out, place the town scene in front and carefully glue the two together.
In the mean time, Shamus has shown a simple method of adding different backgrounds to your existing photos to appeal to as many members as possible. Once the picture is in, use the MOVE T(Good computer skill level)OOL and position the picture properly. If your doing this for the first time I would suggest trying the clone brush on some old photo first to get the hang of it. The reason you saved the picture was to be able to use it for another background later, just click on SELECT at a later date and re-load it.

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