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Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. With nearly 100 wooden track sections and supports, and over 30 accessories, including a fright train, passenger train, and suspension bridge, the Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set is ideal for the young train engineer. With the exception of the durable plastic uprights on the suspension bridge, the plastic wheels and steel rivets on the trains and truck, and the small, steel screws that hold many of the accessories together, the Wooden Railway Set is made entirely of solid wood that will last. The track pieces snap snugly and easily into one another with no excessive force or tools required.
The Wooden Railway Set includes a six-piece freight train with cargo, a four-piece passenger train, and a three-piece flatbed truck with cargo. The flatbed truck allows your child to replicate the real-world transfer of cargo from the train to the truck, and then on to the neighborhood stores for the final delivery. To load cargo on and off the trains, the set includes two magnetized crane assemblies -- a tower frame and an A-frame -- that each feature a lever for raising and lowering the cargo. With no electrical parts, flashing lights, or battery-operated motors, the Wooden Railway Set is designed to offer your child imaginative playtime.

With the included easy-to-follow visual instructions, the set can be built out in numerous ways, giving children hours of immersive play time as they build the perfect configuration.
Started in the garage at Doug's parents' house in 1988, Melissa & Doug has grown to become one of the most popular toy makers in the world. One of the company's points of pride is that their toys are thoroughly tested for safety, and meet all US consumer product safety regulations. Since day one, Melissa & Doug has been in compliance with every US consumer product safety regulation and will continue to stay compliant as the laws continue to evolve, assuring parents that their children can have a safe childhood while playing with Melissa & Doug toys. Designed for children ages three and older, the set includes easy-to-follow instructions for four different track configurations, giving children hours of playtime as they build the perfect layout.
Every track piece and accessory is sanded to a smooth finish, and when screws are used, they are set below the surface of the wood, providing a smooth surface for little hands. With over 100 track pieces and bridge supports to work with, the biggest challenge for your child will be to keep all the pieces organized during their building process. The trains and the truck each feature durable plastic wheels held to the bodies with smooth, steel rivets.

The set also includes train engineers who can help direct traffic as the trains come in and out of the station.
It also includes a suspension bridge, trestle bridge, a five-way switch, and a roundhouse engine shed where the engines can park when not in use.
The tracks and trains are designed to be compatible with most popular wooden tracks, so you may be able mix and match with pieces of other sets you may already have. Their toys have garnered dozens of parenting and "best toy" awards over the years, and have been featured widely in national print media and on television.
The toys are tested at the factory of origin during various phases of the production process to assure that every toy meets the company's stringent safety requirements every step along the way. In particular, the paints and coatings on Melissa & Doug toys are tested frequently to be sure they meet, or exceed, government recommendations limiting heavy metals and lead in children's items.

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