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Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. Number 2 in my last minute Easter Sunday posts is this Euro grey market 560SEC with only 62,000 miles. Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty. The Mercedes Benz C-Class model car from the famous German Brand Mercedes Benz is a “compact” executive vehicle first introduced to the world in the year 1993. It is one of the safest models of Mercedes with its patented standard driver airbag, integrated side impact protection and a durable sturdy frame well suited in protecting both the driver and passengers in dangerous occasions. I want to buy a Mercedes C240 2008 Model that uses petrol and automatic gearbox, saloon car. The Mercedes Benz R-Class is a “Multi Purpose Vehicle” or MPV manufactured and produced by the elite German Car Company Mercedes Benz. Like other Mercedes manufactured automobiles and vehicles, the Mercedes Benz R-Class features the common safety, durability, balance, stability, security and comfort that can only be found in Mercedes made vehicles. Like a Rolex Submariner watch or a pair of Persol sunglasses, a classic Mercedes-Benz SL is one of those accessories that is timeless and shows infinite good taste. Classic facia displays old-world craftsmanship and an elegance that only Mercedes-Benz could produce. Open the door, and that period leather aroma, familiar to vintage European cars, is there and in potent supply. Following on to the base model theme set by the BMW 518i featured on Monday, here is a W123 Mercedes-Benz not often seen on these shores. Having dealt with classic Mercedes cars for 15 years in America I naturally had the opportunity to acquire many pristine examples of American market W123 sedans, coupes and wagons. While I’ve come across my fair share of pristine W123 Mercedes in America, it’s pretty unusual to find one of this caliber in Europe where they tend to be more roughed up. Besides the factory euro-style bumpers and Euro H3 adjustable headlamps the 230E has complete parts interchangeability with U.S.
Equipped with two forms of professionally installed anti-theft devices: transmission deadbolt lock and ignition disabler. This car was featured on another site recently, and despite being white, I really liked it.
If you could keep all the fees and importation costs to a dull roar, say $2,000, I think it would almost be worth it.
IF all that happens, you’re into it for minimum $7K, which is somewhat more palatable. The car is just old enough to avoid many of the electronic gizmos that can cause problems, but new enough that it has plenty of convience features modern Mercedes are known for. The styling represents a rolling work of art and the model, a highly collectible piece of Mercedes history.
I recently acquired it from this owner, who purchased the SL in Belgium back in 1982 from the car’s original owner.
Shift bushings were all replaced along with new oil, so everything is smooth and tight in the gear box.
Since it seems the engine is pushing oil, valve guides and piston rings may need to be examined, as well as the brakes.

While the 280CE coupe can feel quick if you really step on the gas it always felt inhibited by the quirky automatic transmission – the only transmission available for to Americans at the time.
I helpfully assist with shipping, exportation and all the details associated with the process. As we have seen, estates tend to bring the most money, which is curious, given that coupes and convertibles are usually valued the highest amongst Mercedes-Benz models. When we think of BMWs, we typically think of them as high performance vehicles in this market, so it’s understandable that car left some of our readers wanting for more. I first started to appreciate these cars as a kid, seeing these W123s all over the place as taxis in Portugal. If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate.
Not just a pretty face, the 230SL won the Spa-Sofia-Liege Rally in 1963 piloted by Eugen Bohringer. These cars are built rock solid and definitely personify German engineering and precision of a time gone by.
Aside from that, the quality of the car in terms of ride, smoothness, comfort, luxury, and appearance is first rate. A common area for rust, especially after 46 years, is the inside well where the soft-top is folded. From what I gather, this is the factory color, but at some point years ago, the car had been repainted. In addition, a retrim of the leather seats along with sorting the loose fitting convertible top appear to be in order. Professionally maintained by veteran Mercedes mechanic in Hungary – who are known to be some of the best in Europe. If this 230E was already in the US, $5,700 would be a pretty decent value for what is one of the most durable and reliable cars ever built. The SL was used sparingly during its stay in NY, spending most of the time in a dry garage. Panels appear relatively straight, considering the SL’s age, with a few routine dings and paint chips.
However, from sitting the past several years, there are some items that will need to be addressed so the Pagoda can be used on a regular basis with confidence. After checking the spark plugs, I took note that all fired evenly and none were fouled or saturated with oil, so that’s good.
Otherwise, not a terrible example that is made more attractive by the European headlamps and manual transmission. Marketed as being as quick as a six cylinder vehicle and having the fuel efficiency of the 3.0L diesel, the 230E quickly became the favorite autobahn stormer for European business execs. Super-glossy and smooth paint, extraordinary rust-free body and undercarriage, shiny chrome trim and an interior that looks nearly new. But, one must factor in customs and shipping fees into the equation, which can easily run another $1,000 to $2,000. They aren’t the fastest or most luxurious pieces of German iron, but with attentive maintenance, you could run one of these cars easily for half a million miles. Just under 50,000 230, 250 and 280SLs were made through 1971 and these cars are highly prized not just for their looks but for their performance and practicality that is not far off from modern day motors.
In fact, the Mercedes had been sitting for the last six years till it was recently resurrected.

Prices and collectibility for these cars have recently sky-rocketed, much like the early Porsche 911s & 912s or E-Type Jaguars.
There are some splits in the upholstery, but being the factory leather hides makes them more desirable to me than aftermarket M-B Tex materials. Taking the SL out for a little excursion last Saturday afternoon proved to be most enjoyable. I also changed the oil, and noticed it was just pure oil, with no indication of water mixed in, so that’s good, too.
Coupled with a lighter curb weight and sleeker bumpers the 230E changed my view of the W123 forever from being a Sunday cruiser to an autobahn left-laner. The absence of just about all the usual upscale Mercedes amenities makes it that much easier to care for – and that much cooler.
The Mercedes runs strong, and manually shifting through the gears while making that raspy exhaust note sing, made the experience even more invigorating and exciting. Undercarriage is original, and typical to a car of this vintage, there are some rust blemishes present. Once the engine’s warmed up and driving for several miles, the operating temperature is consistently cool, and the oil pressure is always high.
While not a rocket ship, these petrol engined W123s certainly are more sprightly than their non-turbo diesel counterpart, the 240D.
While this example for sale in California isn’t perfect, it would be a great candidate for someone looking to undertake a few minor fixes to turn it into a nice looking driver. This particular SL Pagoda can be had at an affordable price, where the new owner can drive and enjoy it, while making some improvements, and watching the value grow and appreciate.
The pile is thick, both in the front of the cabin and behind the seats in the package area. Of course with very low KMs showing on the odometer and a very caring owner this is what you should expect from such an over-engineered and super-durable car. It’s still got the highly desired Euro headlamps and other neat appointments, such as a stick-shift transmission. At some point in the future, replacing the panel can be addressed, but for the time being, it doesn’t look bad. I believe this to be the brake booster, as pressing on the pedal affects the vacuum at idle. This tangible investment is safer than the stock market and is something that can be enjoyed, now and in the future. Anything less means the car either has extraordinary high KMs (or miles) or it was passed down to teenagers (should be a crime). There is no auction, where missing out on a good deal in the last 15 seconds is a tragedy we all know too well.
No, this classic Benz is being offered For Sale right now, at a disclosed price, so don’t let it get away.

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