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A Bridgeport Metro-North derailment in May 2013 involved weak bolts on new M-8 cars, the NTSB said. A federal report stemming from the investigation into the May 2013 derailment of a Metro-North Railroad train that injured scores of passengers in Bridgeport said that bolts on brand-new M-8 cars are too weak.
The new Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) Center at Grand Central Terminal contains TVMs that feature SMART Card Readers. This morning I noticed that the long-under-construction new ticket vending machine center at Grand Central Terminal is now open for business. NJT's Multilevel Railcars, which may or may not resemble what MNCR may or may not end up purchasing. Many media outlets are reporting this morning that Metro-North Commuter Railroad (MNCR) is seriously considering purchasing double decker rail cars for its Hudson and Harlem commuter lines, which terminate at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. While multilevel trains are typically taller than regular trains, officials in the region have found ways to deal with the narrow clearance of underwater and underground tunnels that provide access into Manhattan. Metro-North engineers believe their trains would require an even steeper bevel to avoid the walls of the Park Avenue tunnel. Finally, after three years, the Henry Hudson Bridge pedestrian walkway has reopened to pedestrians and cyclists! Instead, fans are encouraged to use the 1 line or the R or W lines to Rector Street, or the E to World Trade Center. Crowding conditions at the City Hall R and W station, Park Place 2 and 3 station and nearby 4 5 6 Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station may force trains to bypass those stations during the parade and ceremony at City Hall. In addition, both Metro-North and the Long Island Rail Road will be running extra trains to bring fans to and from the parade.
MTA New York City Transit reminds you that taking the subway to Yankee Stadium is the best way to get there.
Now the study is back in a big way, with an Environmental Assessment (EA) scheduled for completion in 2011. MTA officials were too busy tailgating with NJ Transit officials at Penn Station New York today to notice the significant and glaring error in their all important press release. In addition, Metro-North will be introducing a new direct service from major New Haven Line stations to the Meadowlands (via Secaucus Junction) for football games starting at 1 p.m. In case the MTA goes and corrects the press release, below is a screen shot with the offending material highlighted. Chk with Alex Rojas, an immigration lawyer from Somers who has been riding the Metro for 20+ years!!! To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. Emergency rescue personnel work the scene of a Metro-North passenger train derailment in the Bronx borough of New York, Dec. NEW YORK— A suburban New York train derailed on Sunday, killing four people and injuring 70, including 11 critically, when all seven cars of a Metro-North train ran off the tracks on a sharp curve, officials said.
The National Transportation Safety Board said it would be on the scene investigating the accident for at least the next week  and would focus on track conditions, signaling systems, mechanical equipment and the performance of the train crew. Joseph Bruno, who heads the city's Office of Emergency Management, told CNN it appeared that three of the four people killed had been ejected from the train. Michael Keaveney, 22, a security worker whose home overlooks the site, said he had heard a loud bang when the train derailed.
New York police divers were seen in the water near the accident, and dozens of firefighters were helping pull people from the wreckage. The derailment was the latest in a string of problems this year for Metro-North, the second busiest U.S. In July, 10 cars of a CSX freight train carrying trash derailed in the same area, Anders said.

In May, a Metro-North passenger train struck a commuter train between Fairfield and Bridgeport, Connecticut, injuring more than 70 people and halting service on the line. Amtrak said its Empire Line service between New York City and Albany was being restored after being halted immediately after the crash. Metro-North's Hudson Line service has been suspended between Tarrytown and Grand Central station, and bus service is being provided between White Plains and Tarrytown, the MTA said. New York-Presbyterian Hospital said it was treating 17 patients from the accident, including four in critical condition. President Barack Obama was briefed on the accident and a White House official said the president's thoughts and prayers were with the friends and families of those involved. The arrests come after the shocking death of a teenage girl whose body was found in a burned-out car.
After criticism from lawmakers across the political spectrum, the British government has signaled that it will accept thousands of unaccompanied Syrian child refugees who have fled to Europe. From auto tagging on Facebook to self-driving cars, image recognition technology as it exists today is still in its beginning phases, experts say — and will soon change the way users and corporations interact with the physical world.
With war still raging in Afghanistan, the country also faces the problem of child labor as families put their school-age children to work to help make ends meet.
Leaving the European Union would mean difficult negotiations that could take years to complete, according to a bipartisan group of British lawmakers. Since the last Shuttle flight in 2011, the United States has been relying on Russian rockets to launch fresh crews to the International Space Station.
The White House is expressing concern about rising political chaos in Iraq and the impact it could have on the fight against the Islamic State. As Myanmar begins a new era with a democratically elected government, many issues of the past confront the new leadership. A young Afghan boy, who recently received autographed shirts and a football from his soccer hero Lionel Messi, has fled his country due to safety concerns.
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The Metro-North commute to Grand Central Station is a hallmark of the Westchester lifestyle.  Many Cities and villages in lower Westchester boast a train station in their municipality and a commute that is the envy of the Tristate area  which includes Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, and New York counties both north and west of us. The  above map is a blow up of the lower part of the county with the train lines depicted.  I will cover each of these train lines individually  in more detail in future posts. The New Haven Line runs 73 miles along the eastern portion of lower Westchester hugging the Long Island Sound and into Connecticut all the way to  New Haven.   Most commutes to Manhattan are about 30 minutes long during  peak hours with times  ranging  from roughly 20 to 40 minutes.
The Harlem Line runs 53 miles right up the center portion of the county and serves mostly the land-locked towns and villages such as White Plains, Scarsdale, and Bronxville to name a few. The Hudson Line runs from Grand Central Station to Poughkeepsie along a 74 mile run boasting   Hudson river views for most of the journey.
The National Transportation Safety Board recommends that Metro-North replace thousands of bolts on the fleet of more than 400 new Kawasaki rail cars on the New Haven line and New Canaan branch. At New Jersey Transit, the bilevel cars feature a sharply beveled roof, which curves at a roughly 45-degree angle to ensure the trains do not scrape against walls. However, as usual, some of these issues, as reported by the media, are either much more or much less complicated than they are making them out to be.
Fans should also consider taking the 2 or 3 lines to Chambers Street or Wall Street, and the J to the Broad Street station.
For people who work near Penn Station or along the 8th Avenue IND or 7th Avenue IRT subway lines, this service could possibly significantly reduce their commuting times.
That’s because the press release GOT THE DATE WRONG of the first direct New Haven line train!!!!
From there, shuttle trains will bring fans directly to the new Meadowlands Station and the game.

The correct start date of direct New Haven line service is Sunday, September 20, 2009, when the New York Jets host the New England Patriots with a 1:00 PM kickoff.
A fire department spokesman said 11 people had been sent to the hospital in critical condition and six in serious condition with non-life threatening injuries. At least one rail car was lying toppled near the water and others were lying on their sides. Partial service was restored four days later but full service did not return for more than a week. Jacobi Medical Center, which received 13 patients from the accident, said none have critical injuries and several had already been discharged. The killing rocked Pakistan when it emerged that about two dozen men had held a council and decided on the murder as a form of honor killing.
It follows a campaign by a group of former Jewish refugees who were given refuge in Britain from Nazi persecution in the 1930s.
Strangers from around the world send him postcards with their confessions, their disappointments, and their hopes for the future, all anonymously. Navy SEAL killed Tuesday, when Islamic State fighters punched through Kurdish lines in northern Iraq, was part of a quick reaction force sent to extract other U.S.
While the group did not recommend a vote either way, the lawmakers noted trade deals between the EU and non-EU states take between four and nine years on average. Among them is press freedom in a country where journalists have been routinely harassed or jailed. I had lived in Oceanside in the late 90's and wished that the Sprinter had been built while I was there. The NTSB said the bolts were not to blame for the derailment, but that their failure made the two-train collision worse, because a piece of one car sliced into the passenger compartment of another.
The Grand Central Metrocard seems to have been announced months ago so I’m no sure if it is even still for sale.
The MTA said details about how the accident would impact Monday morning's commute were not yet available. VOA’s Ayesha Tanzeem went to the scene near Abbottabad, the city that became famous for being Osama Bin Laden’s last abode. He displays his favorites online and in exhibits, and shares them with audiences in sold-out appearances around the globe. NASA and several private space companies are developing advanced capsules capable of taking humans into low orbit and beyond. Here are some quick cell phone pics I took as I walked my bike across the bridge this afternoon. Railfans and transit planners used to speak about it in hushed tones and with tears in their eyes.
As VOA's Julie Taboh reports, what started as a simple social experiment has evolved into a multi-faceted and hugely successful global phenomenon. As VOA's George Putic reports, astronauts are already training for commercial spacecraft in flight simulators. For purposes of this section, the mass of the truck includes axles, wheels, bearings, the truck-mounted brake system, suspension system components, and any other component attached to the truck by design.

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