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In November of 2009, Carrie and I got to meet Dave and Cora Kent when we stayed at their vacation rental casita in Boquete, Panama. We fast became friends, and had dinner at their home a couple of nights while we stayed at their casita. Most of the time, a used candy wrapper or other little piece of trash serves the purpose of going on the open train. In any case, it’s one of our favorite games to play with friends and family, and we’d like to share it with you. Step 1: Use the links above or below to post that you like this giveaway on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter. Nobelcom - Even though we have Skype, most of the time we also travel with a calling card to be safe.

The game of dominoes is one of the most famous, home-played games in the course of mankind’s history. Mexican Train Dominoes, or also known as Trains, is a game played mainly in theUnited States. The Mexican Train Dominoes player who holds the 12-12 should start the game by placing the said tile at the center of the table. Due to its popularity, many other versions of the Mexican Train Dominoes have sprung into existence.
Therefore, those players who have zero dominoes left have no penalty point in Mexican Train Dominoes.
According to several accounts, the original Mexican train was created and copyrighted by Roy & Kate Parsons ofNewport Coast,California. On the other hand, there are instances in some versions of this game that made exception to this scoring rule.

But for those who are a little more competitive, my blog is here to help you understand the standard rules of this classic game. In fact, we so love playing this game that different cultures have created their own version of this enticing game.
If no player holds the double that is required to begin, all players shall draw uniformly from the boneyard until it is drawn. Nevertheless, Mexican Train is truly a trend in all cultures who adored playing domino games as past time.

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