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Pentru a cumpara jocuri nu este nevoie sa va creati un cont, ci doar sa completati datele de facturare. Rail Works si Microsoft Train Simulator 2 cind vor fi disponibile , in alte tari se pot cumpara deja ????????????? Adresa email nu va fi facuta publica si nici nu va fi folosita pentru a trimite mesaje publicitare. Indian Railways simulator Indian Railways simulator is a package of addons and enhancements to the Microsoft Train Simulator game.

Welcome to the Microsoft Train Simulator Add-ons download This section host some high detailed Add-ons for MSTS based on Indian Railways featured Patches. Feb 19, 2013 Microsoft Train simulator MSTS Indian Railways Taj express Microsoft Train simulator MSTS Indian Railways Taj express Driving the.
Microsoft Train Simulator, more commonly known as MSTS among its users, is a very popular Railroad Simulator in the Computer Simulation Gaming field since its release in the year 2001-02.
After a decade from its release, MSTS still remains the first choice for the railfans due to its simplicity and performance with minimal hardware requirements.

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