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Within 24 hours of the request from the customer my travel plans were approved, my flights booked and my hotels reserved, and I was on my way over to Scotland. My dad used to travel quite a bit for his work, and I always remember him saying that business trips are boring, since all you get to see are airports and factories. Right after my customer visit I was on to more traveling; this time, back to familiar places. The ToT trainings went quite well, minus a few minor hiccups like the conference room Wifi falling over in the first 10 minutes (Melbourne) and the air conditioning being unable to cope with 20 people and 20 computers (Sydney).
I was thrilled to see my fellow AVRFreaks friends in Melbourne again and I finally got to meet the (in?)famous John Samperi over in the Sydney training, who was must less grouchy in person that I was expecting (kidding John!).
I was more than a little bit sad to leave Melbourne again, not only because I was once again leaving my family behind, but this time also my girlfriend. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. The smallest scale model train set has gone on sale – so compact that the entire layout fits inside a briefcase.
The portable sets, which cost around A?725, are likely to be popular with celebrity model railway enthusiasts such as the singer Rod Stewart and record producer Pete Waterman.They are currently the smallest scale train sets on the market and fit neatly into a lockable aluminium briefcase.
These fantastic locomotives have all been built by Jesse Moody over the past 13 years and are now available for purchase as a set. All three locomotives come with current boiler commercial certificates and are ready to run.

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This house for sale in Sherwood, Oregon features an incredibly elaborate ridable miniature railroad that encircles the property. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. It’s interesting work, and fun too since I get to argue discuss nitty-gritty details with my co-workers and really make a difference.
This was another great first experience for me as I got to interact directly with customers, helping them with issues and listening to feedback for my team. I was tasked with making an Android frontend for it, so that users could control it via Bluetooth from their mobile phone.
Living alone comes with an adjustment; the largest one is trying to find a new apartment (the building I am currently renting is being sold). The German company Noch has produced several different layouts – including snowy winter scenes and quaint villages with mountain tunnels for the trains to pass through.
Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves (actually, first I needed to obtain some branded Atmel shirts, so I would had sleeves to roll up) and get on-site to diagnose the really difficult problems. Still my boss and my co-workers did a bang-up job in keeping my spirits up and my lunch down, and before long I was settling in on-site and seeing what I could do to help.
I can now say I’ve been to Scotland, but the only sites I really got to see were the airport, three (!) hotels and a hospital-like customer site.

All in all, it was a great learning experience, and I got to see how a real-world factory works from PCB production right down to final assembly and packaging. This is the first year I am aware of that Atmel’s run first-party training sessions, so it was a fantastically happy coincidence as I was then able to take a holiday off for Christmas directly afterwards. While in University I toyed with the idea of becoming a lecturer rather than a engineer in the field, so this was a chance to experience a bit of that without the drastic career change. The company says the mini models are designed to save space and be portable, making them ideal for businessmen or even touring rock stars.The electric sets come complete with working locomotives and passenger carriages run by a built-in controller. There is even a choice of background scenery depending on which season of the year you prefer. Back in the day I flew all over the States and rarely saw anything but airports, hotel rooms and office buildings. Sun-kissed countryside scenes represent the summer months and snow-covered mountain ranges the winter.

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