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It took a father-son duo 10 years to complete this steam locomotive and mini railway, which has about 500 feet of track.
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The Holbrook passenger carrying miniature railway runs in the beautiful Ten Mile Creek Gardens in the centre of Holbrook on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.It is available for special bookings, birthday parties, school classes and tourist coaches. It requires quite a lot of cake mix as I found when my first attempt only filled three carriages ! Excess mix can be used for a trifle - or stick two cut-off tops together with cream or icing for a lunchbox treat.
Please follow signs on the day.For operating dates please visit the Greater Hume Shire web site. There are seven different carriages (with one carriage style duplicated to make 8 carriages total).

Your mix needs to fill to the top of the detail of the mould.It does not matter if there is a bit of a hollow in the middle as the mix will rise above the tray. The tops will need cut off and discarded to leave the engine and carriages with flat bottoms to stand on a plate or tray.
You do need to grease and flour intricate moulds like this before baking and release cakes when still a little warm for best results.

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