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This wildly bosozoku styled Galant Lambda has it all: big overhanging lip at the front, big fenders, spoiler on the boot, 70s paint scheme, chromed mirrors and bumper, a hood ornament and let’s not forget the Astron 80 badge on the grille! The Mitsubishi Galant Lambda was also known as the Mitsubishi Sapporo in the EU, Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Sapporo in the US, Chrysler Scorpion and the Mitsubishi Scorpion in Australia and the car was also known as the Colt Sapporo in the UK. The car had a facelift in 1980 which resulted in a new grille with fixed lights, B pilar going into the roof lining instead of being a seperate beam, new rear lights and a set of spoilers to get it into the 80s era.
Perhaps it has to do with the brand Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi focused primarily on smaller cars during the 60s and early 70s while Nissan and Toyota already sold the larger saloons. As an ex-Mitsubishi owner I always wanted to buy a good condition Sapporo, however an AE86 came in between. Buenos dias, soy propietario de unas cupe Galant modelos 80 desearia contactar con ustedes soy de Argentina saludos.
The Mitsubishi Evolution is a kind of vehicle that would garner the most speeding tickets since it is built for speed.
There are different versions of the Mitsubishi Evolution and every time it debuts in the market, it surpasses all records to of its predecessors. The Mitsubishi Eclipse comes in a 5-speed and 4-speed transmission which could guarantee exhilarating speeds from its front wheel or its four wheel drive.
When you talk about magnificent cars such as this, there often is a name that comes with it. The Jeep CJ (or Civilian Jeep) is a public version of the famous Military Jeep from World War II.

The first CJ prototype (the CJ-2) was introduced in 1944 by Willys, and the same basic vehicle stayed in production through seven variants and three corporate parents until 1986. JEEP TroubleshootingNew clutch1988, I own a 1989 Japanese import Mitsubishi S-J53Jeep and I need a new clutch for it. Lessons learned with the CJ-2 led to the development of the first full-production CJ, the 1945-1949 CJ-2A. This time I did find two Bosozoku styled examples of this car in contrary of the singular examples I previously posted. Very nicely slammed to the ground with some phat rims and a nice oil cooler sticking under the bumper. It was supposed to be a two door luxury vehicle based on a car from the larger model lineup.
If there are any chances to drive this machine at a deserted highway, no one with the right brain would drive the EVO under 40 miles. Such composed speed was awarded as one of the Ten Best list from 1989 up to 1992 by a top car magazine publication. This system was the first use of twin balance shafts which enabled Mitsubishi to improve stability in the Astron engine and enlarge the engine over 2 liters. Also Mitsubishi focused on Rally and not on circuit racing so they missed the Granchan followers.
The front end reminds me of the DeLorean mixed with a pontiac 6000 LOL, btw, thanks for adding some history!

Willys produced slightly more than three dozen CJ-2 Agrijeeps in 1944 and 1945, forty in all . An early column shifter, which was introduced because it was thought that troops returning from WWII needed a change in the Jeep, and full floating rear axle gave way to the more familiar floor shifter and semi-floating rear axle.
The Galant Lambda Astron 80 featured a 2.6 liter engine, a figure which was in the 70s normally only obtainable by adding at least two extra cylinders! It was directly based on the military Willys MB, using the same Willys Go Devil engine, but stripped of all military features, particularly the blackout lighting. For CJ-2A production, the T-84 transmission was replaced with the beefier T-90 three speed transmission. This came in a convertible so the flare was added to the platform and sure enough the Mitsubishi Eclipse became one of the most sought after automobiles.
Apart from having a side-mounted spare tire and an external fuel cap, the CJ-2 was the first jeep to feature a tailgate. It is of interest to note that many of the early CJ-2As were produced using surplus military Jeep parts such as engine blocks and, in a few cases, modified frames. Since the CJ-2A was intended to be used as a agricultural vehicle, it was geared lower than its military counterpart, and could be purchased with a variety of options such as a rear PTO and front counterweight.

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