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Tesla reeeeealy doesn’t seem to enjoy talking to the press directly, instead parsing nuggets of information via town-hall meetings with friendly audiences or, in this case, in letters to customers. According to an email addressed to “Model X reservation holders,” who are probably wondering when their long-awaited electric crossovers will ever appear in their driveway, Tesla will initiate builds of Model X prototypes in its Fremont, California, production facility, with the first customer cars scheduled to roll off the line in early 2015.
The letter continues, confirming that falcon-wing doors will make it to production (which we knew before) and claiming that ingress and egress are easier than with conventional doors. The original Knight Rider series debuted in 1982 and featured a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT).
KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) in the original Knight Rider series was physically embodied as a modified 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

The series was reinvented in 2008 and featured a Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 KR as the Knight Industries Three Thousand (KITT).
The artificial intelligence of KITT is the Knight 2000 microprocessor at the heart of a self-aware cybernetic logic module.
1982 marked the beginning of the third generation of Firebirds, of which the Trans Am is an upgraded model.
Something we’re keen to find out is how many passengers will fit in the rearmost seat, and if it will be an adult-sized space. Tesla plans to produce about 10,000 to 15,000 Model X electric crossovers per year, according to Automotive News, at a price that remains pure speculation at this point.

To allow KITT to fight crime effectively, the car was provided with a wide variety of special features.
The KR has many carbon fiber body components, including: a composite hood with functional scoops and vents, twist-lock hood pins, a unique splitter, and mirror caps.
The suspension upgrades include one-of-a-kind spring rates, dampers, stabilizer bars, and a strut tower brace that was designed by Ford Racing.

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