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This creative teacher has taken recycling to a whole new level by creating scale replicas of cars from old beer and coke cans. Mr Sanderson, who moved to New Zealand from England, originally trained as a draughtsman before retraining as a technology teacher. A keen bass player, it was when he got to 40 years old while he was designing and building string instruments, that he had an accident and shattered his left wrist. Vehicles include classics such as the Roadster, Jeep and Moke and are made from such classically designed cans as Coca Cola, 7-Up, Heineken and Guinness, among others.
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In a remarkable rookie season, Lewis Hamilton secured podium finishes in his first nine races. Because it's jus my son and I now for the most part , I got to sit on my front porch today , gaze out into the clouds A and reminisce on one HECK of a year ! All my goodies from Hobbylinc & Modelhaus are still on Santas sleigh so I'll have a late Christmas. I am fifty now, and all my life I've considered my interests to be fairly mundane - books (history and science fiction), modeling, music, gardening.

After McLaren changed drivers in March 2009 it was expected that the previous success would continue under the aegis of Martin Whitmarsh. Sandy Sanderson, who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, has been creating vehicles from aluminium cans for eight years.
After he emigrated, he became interested in creating scale models of aircraft, classic cars and bikes from kits. His dreams of becoming a full-time instrument repairman were halted but it was while he was recovering he came up with idea. He'd seen model aircraft built from cans before, but only using the plain interior aluminum. For what may appear to be just one can moving across a bonnet and down around a mudguard there could actually be five or sixA  cans used to create that effect. Hamilton led Drivers Championship into the season finale in Brazil where he finished seventh after gearbox problems had dropped him to eighteenth. If you want to know what brands, bands, vehicles, flowers I like it is easy to figure out (especially in the Facebook age). So he expanded upon the idea and built his first car in 2006, the Coruba Climax, made from 8 Coruba & Cola cans.

The CanCars are available for purchase or, for the adventurous, plans are available to build your own version of Sandy's CanCars.
Hamilton's second place behind Kimi in the Drivers Championship and his four race wins made him the most successful rookie in Formula One history.In 2009 McClaren and Ferrari's are at but not for the title. Yet in my life, it has been extremely rare for anyone to even attempt to get me presents in my interest areas. Intensive work by engineers and testruns in Valencia gave rise to expectations of a better outcome. In addition the team is made up of the two world champions of the last two years, the first timeever for such a combination. My best bud who works at a hobby shop handed me a kit I ordered and wrote Merry Christmas on it - I considered that pretty cool. Hamilton, the 2008 world champion, was able to secure 15 points in Bahrain, a very good basis for the coming races.

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