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Drug dealers and gangsters unite (and of course the rest of us who like a sporty Rangie); the British off-road specialists are re-imagining their entrant to the hyper SUV market - that being the all-new Range Rover Sport.
Coming up with a verdict on a single car is relatively easy, but one example does not reflect on the automaker as a whole.
A Fast and Furious movie just wouldn't be complete if it didn't have a bright colored car wrapped in an extravagant body kit. Nine times out of ten, these garish cars are the brainchild of some old movie executive that thinks he knows what the kids want to see on the movie screen.
This explains why this film franchise has had cars that looked like anime covered cotton candy and Louis Vuitton handbags. Those of you that attended this show (like we did) are probably scratching your heads right now as you can't remember seeing this car at the VeilSide booth.
We'd show you a picture of it, but the only one we have was taken by a crappy point-and-shoot digital camera, and as such it's all blurry.
For example, the headlights and grill could almost be carried over from the smaller sibling and the roofline doesn't differentiate much either.
However, compared with the outgoing version, it's certainly a more dynamic attempt; the DLO (daylight opening area) is smaller and more contemporary - exaggerated by the deep doors leading into the sills. Along with the classic clam-shell bonnet, the fender side vents have also reappeared in revised form. Below the headlights and their technical graphic detailing, the aggressive front bumper shouts performance superiority.

The detailed razor-like grille invites you to either admire it or to shave one's face with it (although I strongly advise against doing the latter). Now, it wouldn't be a sports SUV without big wheels, so expect 20" rollers shod in high performance rubber for the supercharged V8 version.
This Fortune kit changes every line of this rotary ride save for the front glass, side glass and the roof. In shifting your eyes from wheels to the rear, you'll notice the Evoque XL theme is again evident in the similar wrap-around tail lamps. This means that the front fascia, front fenders, hood, doors, rear fenders, rear window and rear fascia have all been re-done.
This extends to the shorter rear overhangs, rear quarter windows and raked tailgate glass too. However, the VeilSide kit is so well-made, those not "in the know" would have a hard time telling that the entire car has been re-skinned. With an extra 5-6 inches on each side, a stock wheel just won't fit, so VeilSide bolted on some very wide 19-inch Andrew EVO-Vs to all four corners.
Take a minute to take a gander at the lip on the rear wheel -- one can practically live in that thing.
Not only do these A'PEXi pieces eliminate any unsightly fender gap, they also tighten up the handling.
Remember, this is an award-winning Tokyo Auto Salon car, so the rotary engine under the hood is as tricked-out as the exterior.

This HKS turbo sends its charged air down through the custom-made VeilSide intercooler piping to the V-mounted HKS intercooler. Waste gasses, on the other hand, are sent into the atmosphere via a VeilSide titanium exhaust.
Alpine audio equipment is all around this car, from the 8-inch monitor in the dash to the custom-enclosed amps and woofer.
This car's occupants are held in place thanks to the VeilSide D1 race seats, but only the driver gets to experience the tactile pleasure that is the Sparco steering wheel.
However, that kind of coin is just pocket change to Universal, so they went in and spray-painted over the whole thing. Take a close look at the e-brake boot and the dash to see remnants of the interior's original color.
We wouldn't have spray painted the interior or painted the car bright orange, but Universal could have done a lot worse.

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