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The magazine article lists the TIL 139 as the part number for the emitter detector module but the ECG 3104 would be a better choice as it is much smaller and would be easier to mount using a small section of printed circuit board. For construction methods and operation details please refer to the original article in Model Railroader Magazine, August 1994. As always, we get as much out of your in-process photos as we do the highly polished "all done" shots!
Is there a set of "Best Practices" when it pertains to studying a particular railroad industry? At one point, I toyed with the idea of transforming the layout to a Western Timberland theme that might reflect a Colorado mountainous area. In order to raise a track to cross over itself, as in a simple figure eight, you need a grade that will raise the track to the clearance height. When pulling longer trains, particularly in N scale, it is common practice to use the prototypical practice of pulling the train with multiple locomotives. What I have learned about grades can be summarized in two statements:Always build your layout on layers of foam with most track at the midpoint of crossover elevation. As I finished the top of this green hill line, I used the same brush nearly dry of paint and gave gentle up-strokes with the brush tip at the top of this hill to give fine lines suggesting the far tree line, now close enough to make out the trees. A Signal Maintainer at Sherwood, looking for a fault in the signal circuit of the newly installed CTC system. In Virginia itself, the Missabe had an enginehouse, freight depot and passenger depot, and served 20 or so local merchant warehouses. Golden Gate Model Railroad Club Secretary-Treasurer Jim Wilcox runs a train on the Golden Gate Model Railroad layout. There’s a long ramp leading down to the basement of the Randall Museum in San Francisco. The layout is a miniature engineering marvel — hundreds of yards of track, mountains and tunnels, switching yards and towns.
The trains and the layout belong to the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club, a group that has called the Randall basement home since 1950. The club has just a few dozen members, but the layout entertains hundreds of parents and kids who visit the trains on “Junior Engineer” days six times a year and on evenings when a member is present. That plan would dramatically shrink the space available for the trains, says member George Wright, who recently volunteered dozens of hours digitizing the train controllers and tracks. And rebuilding would cost money the club doesn’t have — up to $350,000 for even a small layout of similar quality. The Golden Gate Model Railroad Club’s relationship with the Department of Recreation and Parks is complicated.
But Ballard says the department and the architect in charge are still refining the plans, and it may yet be possible to get an exemption to building codes for the basement, leaving the current train layout intact. Cy Musiker co-hosts The Do List and covers the arts for KQED News and The California Report. I had only created one backdrop panel specifically for the this section of the layout and I really liked it, although I ended up going with the fall theme. If everyone followed the popular rule of thumb, I think it's safe to say that Woodland Scenics would not be selling 3% and 4% foam grade kits. Maximum grade is a function of three factors: the power of your locomotives, the weight of your locomotives, and the number and weight of the cars in your trains.

While curves can be used to break up the monotony of long straight sections of track, turning a train around with a 180 degree curve, a necessity for continuous running layouts, taxes the limits of a narrow layout.With model train track, grades can also be used to make a layout more visually appealing.
The table of clearances includes the lengths of the runs required to raise the track to the specified height for 2%, 3%, and 4% grades in various scales. This will also increase the size of a train that can be pulled up a grade, or the maximum grade for fewer cars.
Then you can always split your grades going down for the under track and up for the over track.When building a layout, before you glue down your grade foam and track always test your trains on the layout. Chicago & North Western (81-inch nose with gong bell), Conrail ("Quality" lettering, 88-inch nose), CP Rail (B unit, 81-inch nose), and Milwaukee Road (Hiawatha scheme, 81-inch nose).
To ensure a better experience on our site, we recommend using a recent version of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Down there is a world in miniature — a model-train layout 40 feet wide by 70 feet long, about two-thirds the size of a basketball court.
Small model trains weave their way slowly through the setup, hauling boxcars of coal and featuring the iconic logos of the Northern and Southern Pacific and Pennsylvania railroads. That’s the administrative way of saying the Golden Gate Model Railroad Club is being given Ellis Act treatment.
For example,if you have 100 inches of model railroad track, and the train climbs one inch, then the grade is 1%. The NMRA doesn't list standards for tunnel and bridge clearances that I have been able to find.
Remember that the track must also descend back to its starting level, so this length of grade is required on each end of the bridge.
Ghost cars are usually put in the middle of a long train, or spaced evenly throughout a long train if more than one is being used. Make sure your locomotives can navigate all your turns and grades, pulling whatever number of cars will be sufficient to ensure you enjoy the layout.
Cy has an MJ from UC Berkeley's School of Journalism, and got his BA from Hampshire College. When I was painting my first backdrop many years ago I was vey frustrated that it wasn't blending with the modeled vegetation.
This technique requires four half-length track grades instead of two full-length track grades. While modern prototypical diesel trains usually put all the locomotives at the front of the train, I have seen modelers put locomotives in the middle of a train. I haven't seen ready to run ghost cars in local hobby shops, but Randgust makes a ghost car kit and Reality Reduced has a video on how to put it together. Separately applied wire grab irons and air tanks, prototype-specific details, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers. The club has been paying a nominal fee for rent but the Recreation and Parks Department refused the last payment, Ballard says, in anticipation of redefining “the legal relationship in a new space.
His work has been recognized by the Society for Professional Journalists with their Sigma Delta Chi Award for Public Service in Journalism. Manufacturers of trestle piers and tunnel portals generally exceed this dimension sufficiently to take into account the height of the rails for most model railroad tracks.
My Athearn consolidation class locomotive would pull 9 of its Overton passenger cars over this curved grade with no difficulty.

When he can, Cy likes to swim in Tomales Bay, run with his dog in the East Bay Hills, and hike the Sierra.
This means wheels on lighter locomotives may slip where heavier locomotives can climb a grade. I personally resent the implied requirement that if one is building a small layout it should be flat. Great Northern (available in A-B set or A unit), Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania RR, Reading Co., and Union Pacific. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, Digital Command System with Proto-Sound 3.0, and Kadee-compatible remote-controlled knuckle couplers. Burlington Northern Fruit Express (green or yellow), Great Northern (large goat herald), Southern Pacific Fruit Express (white), and Union Pacific Fruit Express (yellow with small UP herald).
Atlantic Coast Line, Canadian National, Illinois Central, New York Central (pre-war paint scheme with skirts), and Pennsylvania RR (post-1952 paint scheme). Factory-installed wire grab irons, detailed interiors, and Proto-Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Operating rotary blades powered by 12V DC motor, window glazing, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle coupler on rear of tender. Amtrak (Operation Lifesaver surfboard scheme, one road number), Amtrak West, CalTrain, and Metrolink.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, Celcon handrails, and McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers. N scale 12-section, 1-drawing-room heavyweight sleeper carsN scale passenger cars12-section, 1-drawing-room heavyweight sleeper cars. Digital Command Control decoder with QSI sound, dual flywheel-equipped motors, and separately applied metal details. 2009 Dodge Challenger: Broward County (Florida) Sheriff, Florida Highway Patrol, and Iowa State Patrol.
Cratex (rubberized abrasive) roller cleaning mechanism housed in an Aristo-Craft 20-foot gondola. 1-amp current capacity (1.25A peak), pre-loaded with SD40-2 and GE-Evolution diesel sound schemes, customizable with downloadable sounds, and 13mm 8-ohm round speaker. SDH164K1A (pictured) replaces printed circuit boards (PCBs) for Kato AC4400 diesel locomotives.
1-amp current capacity (1.3A peak), pre-loaded with diesel sound schemes, customizable with downloadable sounds, and 28mm 32-ohm round speaker.
Water port facility scenes printed on 13.5"-tall paper join seamlessly to form a continuous scene (portion shown). Milwaukee Road cabooses (International, wide cupola, center cupola, Thrall, and rib-side), Milwaukee Road covered hoppers (Evans 4740 and Pullman-Standard 4427, 4740, 4750), Pacific Fruit Express peak roof mechanical refrigerator cars (40-, 50-, or 47- foot), New Haven trailer and 50-foot flatcar, and Milwaukee Road diesels. Accurail HO scale Association of American Railroads 50-foot welded boxcar kit, custom decorated for the Marion Model Railroad Club's Ohio & Western RailwayHO scale Association of American Railroads 50-foot welded boxcar kit. Accurail car kit custom-decorated for the Marion Model Railroad Club's Ohio & Western Railway.

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