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Once happy with this rough foam shape the next step was to use a liberal amount of mastic to bond the sections to the river bed.
With all the landscape roughed in the next step was to seal the boarder of the blue foam and the river bed with a foam spackling product.
Jumping ahead a little here the river bed has been painted black, and the bank has received its treatment also. Abutments and piers were scratchbuilt for the bridge which is a combination of the Walthers single track truss and one micro engineering. A four track crossing was fabricated to allow the maintenance personnel access to their tool shed. In reply to both postings, yes these trees I made myself with the exception of one pack of Woodland Scenic pines. Some folks here prefer to add some glue to the floral wire, I just lay 3" pieces of the jute in between the two halves of the floral wire.
If you are about to build or design a layout, you will find yourself facing a number of decisions. Back on the main line we leave Diamond River heading east, we skirt Pinecrest and duct into the new Holliday Tunnel. Modeling the freelanced Southern Utah RR inspired by the coal mining railroads of central and southern Utah in HO scale.
It is important to get a good seal when planning to use Envirotec product as this product will find any hole and leak thru until it cures.
The bank was first painted a sandy gold color then thanks to my wife who just return from the beach, real beach sand was poured into the riverbed and once dried cleaned out to leave the finished product.
Once the floral wire is loaded up with jute take your handy drill with a cup hook inserted in the sharp end and hook onto the floral wire and spin away. After the paint dries I then spray the tree liberally with cheap hairspray and flock it with ground foam material.

With a broad set of features and powerful automation, planning has never been easier or faster.
You need to decide on the primary goals for your layout, design the layout, and refine the plan. Our hours are 7am to 4pm Pacific Time, and you can reach us by FAX or e-mail 24 hours a day. Before I read your text, I was looking at the pictures, and said dang - that looks hand done. As yoiu can see here 4 PC ties on this #5 right around the frog, then one more for the throw bar.
Things went really well with the pour (all five boxes) so here are a couple more pictures of the progress.. If you mix in the varieties of tea that are available like green and different blends then you have a great variety of color to play with. The buildings and landscape are integral to a great track plan, and you may even want to scratchbuild a building or two to really personalize the layout.
The tunnel was built to assist the railroad with navigation through the mountains and to speed up its service between the east coast and the Midwest. The main line hugs the banks of the Oneapee River as we round the curve and cross for the second time on a combination thru girder and truss bridge.
The industrial tracks in the rear are fed from a connection with the yard and the branch line just to the bottom left of this picture. What PC ties did you remove; have you noticed any performance hit, and did you really save money? You are hand laying on cork - from what I've read, and tested, this seems a no-no - I'd love to hear your thoughts. Ignore the debris on top of the water and between the rails, that will get cleaned later.

A short hop down the track takes you to Placer where you will find Wilson Plumbing and Schafer Industries. My handlaid track is not perfectly straight, and I had no intention of it being perfectly straight, but it does not look like the picture shows.
But seriously, Norm Stenzil who was featured in a Great Model Railroads video lays his in exactly the same manor. Jute is available in rolls the product is wound like rope so you will need to unwind the material until you are down to the thinnest strands.
Schafer industries manufactures large generators and at least once a week an over sized load is required between Placer and Diamond River. That's a prototype look that something like ME flex would have a hard time duplicating, which raises a question - from a modeler's perspective, what's best - tie plates and detail, or a grander view? His has been down for close to four years on his present layout and not sure how long on the one that was featured in the video. There honestly has been no issues with spiking into the cork that I did not experience spiking into Homasote. The back drop in this area that I am reaching to in the picture is 32" from the fascia. I fashioned a line in my basement, and at one point I am sure my wife thought she had made a serious life mistake.
After all; if youare spiking into the wood tie and not destroying the tie in the process that is truly what should be holding the rail in place, not the roadbed.

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