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Product FeaturesGive your layout, diorama or miniature scene authenticity with dry transfer graphics, numbers, letters and stripes. Product DescriptionThis is the Dry Transfer Railroad Lettering Sets - Armour, Miller, Hormel Reefers by Woodland Scenics. Product DescriptionAdd Graphic Touches and Create your own Custom Layout with these Woodland Scenics Assorted Logos & Advertising Signs Dry Transfer Decals. They allow you to quickly and easily transform your cities and towns with color, variety, and life! Give your layout, diorama or miniature scene the touch of authen- ticity needed to bring it truly alive! Here are two Walthers Cornerstone coal towers in the process of being kitbashed into a representation of the tower the Rutland used.

The track work is still in the process of being completed with a total of 10 to 12 tracks capable of holding 15 to 20 freight cars.
The Rutland's boiler shop and car shops had a few more tracks with larger buildings than what is modeled.
Using the yard plan above, I was able to determine how much space I needed and what I would be able to fit into the space I have.
I initially used the roundhouse floor pieces put together to see how much room and the best location for it to accommodate.
Dry Transfer Decals and Model Graphics dry transfer decals add realism to buildings, fences, signs, boxcars and more! Intricate detailing with dry transfers is quicker, less complicated and more realistic than with wet process decals.

They transfer easily in seconds to any smooth or textured surface, around contours and into grooves. Position where desired, rub gently with the Woodland Scenics Dry Transfer Burnisher, and remove the carrier sheet. Depending on the specific application, Dry Transfer Decals and Model Graphics dry transfers are suitable for O, HO and N scales.

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