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These model railroad track sections could be straight or curved and come in full sections or half sections and other different configurations. There is a huge selection and the right configuration of model railroad track sections will give you a great layout.
However, sometimes these track sections are not quite right to provide the layout you require. Working with individual track sections has its convenience, but for free-flowing original track designs, flex track is a better option. I would only use flex track, I would not even consider handlaying track, if handlaying track was the only way to have a model railroad, my models would just sit on a shelf. I have been using flex track for many years and have not experienced any problems. You need to solder the sections together so there are no dead spots on your layout.
Flex Track is one of the most ideal ways of laying track (unless you wish to hand lay track).
You will find with Flex Track you can create your own curves radius which is a big plus because it will cut down on derailments which we all love. I have used flex track in HO, N and Large scale, although in large scale it should be called bendable track because it isn’t flexible.
For ease of doing a layout we used Homasote (Recyled Newspapers) instead of cork for the road bed, doing a Cookie Cutter method for the individual track and larger sections for yards. The Peco Streamline Flex Track is flexible on both sides of the rail, which makes it very difficult to lay down in curves. Basically the idea is to solder the majority of track joints, but leave a gap and and one loose every here and there for expansion and contraction purposes. If you do decide to solder joints, apply the rail joiner to one end, smear some flux paste into the joiner, insert the second rail, apply heat to one side and apply the solder to the other. 2) After fluxing and assembling rail sections to be soldered put a wet pad or towel at each side of the area to be soldered to dissipate heath. Now reading your post topic, and the content within the post are 2 seperate things, what are you using a cnc router for? I have about 100 feet of brand new PECO nickle silver N guage flex track that has been sitting in the cartons for about 25 years.
If I were to make a deal with the devil it would be to have a tour of the entire universe before he got me. Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Origin now settable to bottom left!

Problem with Gauge 1 is that it is so bastardized, most models made for it is are 1:29, or narrow gauge.
Model Railroad Track is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. You might want a better flow of track or maybe you don’t want too many joiners and flex track provides the perfect solution. Working with flex track takes some care and practice but with a little patience and know-how, even a beginner can pick it up quickly. Flex track is a bendable track section that can be shaped to any radius.
Since the flex track is three feet long, you can accomplish laying a lot of track in a working session.
Some think it can solve your troubles to fit your layout, but remember, be realistic about your curves. However, at present I’m using sectional track with plans to use flex track on my next layout. Many people use flex track because it streamlines the process of developing long runs of trackage, much like ribbon rail does for the industry we model. Flex is also very helpful when working inside tunnels where rail joiners can become a real pain. I don’t know what I am doing right, but I guess being a started person with little training as to how to use tracks, well I guess I just luck out in working with flex tracks.
Just remember to or when you cut the ends of it, don’t cut no more than you have to so if you ever change it you will still have a pretty long piece.
The modeler just has to be careful with curves, its easy to end up making a curve tighter then planned.
There are fewer connections hence fewer chances to lose current, it’s also better in that it has unlimited shape for whatever you need, fewer pieces for a given length means one piece instead of 3,4 or? What I do is that I fasten (glue) the track from which the Flex is continuing into a curve, solder the rails together and then bend the track the way I want it. Just get the spikes in contact with the surface of the ties or rail web (depending on brand of the track).  The spikes may not seem very secure, but once the ballast is glued in place that track is not going anywhere.
A yardstick laid beside the track when attaching it does a good job of keeping the flex straight where tangent track is desired.
One tip I still use today is to actually layout large sections of track with actual pieces of fixed track to set the radius I wish, mark the location with marker, then replace with Flex Track.  A second tip is to buy a good set of rail nippers to make the cuts (it is worth its weight in gold). When running over 30 feet of trackage in a moderate straight line or a moderate curve over and over again, planning to use straight and curved sections even 9 inches long is a seriously demented process.

Lay out the centerline of your track position and then bend the track to conform on a one time bend basis only. Close in town and close encounters around warehouses it will provide easyly a way to do it. Other benefits include reducing the number of rail joints, joints tend to be the source of many problems.
Also the transitions between straight and curve need to be double checked for smoothness, no kinks nor jogs.
As in everything in this hobby, its a personal choice, chose what you like, be precise and careful when laying track and it can all perform well.
Also it’s very flexible for those changes in elevation or dips and rises in the road. Using flex track reduces the number of fishplates and thus reduces the amount of wiring required.
Here you can find some new design about Model Railroad Track for your current screen resolution. I realize that sounds inflammatory, but perfection is not found in the industry we model and has no real place in the models we create. For pre-layouts (see how it works out etc.) I use thumbtacks instead of nails which nicely stick in the cork bedding. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
The use of a particular type of track, just like the particular use of a type of car or motive power or DCC or DC. For the final installation, I use contact cement and use the center line of the bedding as a guideline. The soldered connections also make great locations to attach your feeder wires as described in the prior replies. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. I hope that younger modelers will not be persuaded to neglect the usefulness of flex track in the development of smaller layouts as welll as larger one.

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