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The area you now have for your railroad is almost exactly the same size as My second room of the first 2 rooms of my railroad. Have a Good Time you may even consider writing up an article on designing and building your railroad and submit it to MRH.
Microsoft could not launch this without an agreement with a norwegian writer and law professor who is concidered as a pioneer in international legal information.
With one exception, all the industries, and their general relation to each other, are a compressed prototype of things I've spent a lot of time railfanning in the Alsen, LA area.  So, you don't know Alesn? The UTLX service facility will partially recreate a massive yard and geodesic dome that Union Tank Car built in 1958 to do maintenance of their fleet.
Adding a run around track between the refinery and the yard would make it easier to switch the refinery. As an alternative the refinery could be flipped top to bottom so there is no longer a need for the switching lead at the bottom.

Now, there's always exceptions, of course - for example there's Lance Mindheim's Florida East Rail layout, but then all the spurs are facing point, with no trailing point spurs - so even then, the switcher can come onto the layout on the back side of the cars and then switch all the spurs. Then every two months add continuing chapters on what your doing the problems you have arise and how you took care of these problems. Switching the refinery is either impossible (if the tail track is only long enough to hold a loco) or will be excrutiatingly painful as cars have to be shuffled in and out one at a time. However kicking cars doesn't work very well in models because our cars a) don't have much momentum, b) don't uncouple well while in motion, and c) don't have brakes to gently slow them to a stop at the right spot by a crew man riding the cars. It reflects a lack of operating experience - because once you've operated a few times on some other layouts and done switching, you realize runaround tracks are ESSENTIAL to being able to switch well. But mixing trailing and facing point spurs on one layout means a runaround track is essential. Add the extra 5 foot area later will make a great place to build a large interchange yard or some nice industries like a lumber mill and pond.

This could bring in alot of good money to help build the Beaver river as well as helping others building their first railroad that's larger than a single sheet of plywood.
Perhaps eliminating a track or two would yield a bit more space and allow making the tail track longer.
I will say your going to have fun just getting the information on your beaver river Railroad not to mention drawing up your track plan. If that is where you plan to use the casette staging I would think it would make switching in there unreliable to use the cassette as the lead..

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