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To purchase tunnels at these prices, you must register for a wholesale account (or login if you already have one). Choose a password (your email address will be your user name) and fill out the Wholesale form. NOTE: As part of the wholesale registration process you will need to provide a copy of your state reseller license (if not already on file).
Products bearing Union Pacific marks are used with approval from Union Pacific Railroad Company.
Model railroad tunnels and bridges should be a significant part of your planning process from the beginning and should be incorporated into your terrain as you are designing and building your model railroad layout.Model train tunnels are not only a necessity on most mountainous layouts, but also are very useful as a way of hiding your trains from view during part of their journey across your landscape.

Hoosac Tunnel ElectricHoosac Tunnel ElectricAfter a recent visit to the shops a JKRail, the Hoosac Tunnel loco got a new paint job.
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Your message has been sent and your friend will receive the tell-a-friend within the next several minutes. An easier thing to do is to use beaded Styrofoam that comes in boxes as packing material for other items. Maintain access to the inside of your model railroad tunnelOne important point to remember is the a€?Murphya€™s Law of Model Railroadinga€?, which states that a€?any track location on your model train layout that has little or no access is where the train derailments will occura€?, especially on the inside of tunnels that you cana€™t get to.If your tunnel is relatively short you may be able to reach in with your fingers or a pair of long forceps (tweezers) and pull out the derailed train cars.

You may want to create a rock wall or retaining wall leading up to the tunnel on one or both sides.

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