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The magical world of trains goes way beyond Harry Potter boarding the Hogwarts Express at London’s King Cross Station. Trains have found a new destination at the George Eastman House in an exhibition that runs through Jan. Studying train history, collecting memorabilia and building railroad station models can be habit-forming, says Scheiderich, who works at RIT’s Educational Technology Center. At RIT, Scheiderich designed a six-foot-long packing crate to house the three-dimensional color diorama, and together with railroad club members and a copy of Link’s notations regarding the technicalities of illuminating an outdoor space at night, completed the project in five weeks. Helping out was Otto Vondrak, ’99 (graphic design) who now works as an art director in Connecticut. To read more stories, visit the News & Events Daily websiteFind other stories related to nande, article, studentaffairs, campuslife, studentaffairs. For those steam buffs among you I can highly recommend it - seems to be plenty of second hand versions about. I remember seeing a documentary many years ago where Link and his assistant effectively came out of retirement for one last photo using his original equipment.
Rob Clark, I do not know if you will get the chance to stop in Roanoke, Virginia while stateside but there is a fine museum devoted to Winston Link in Roanoke, as well as the Virginia Transportation Museum that has some Steam locomotives and other nice attractions that can be examined.

I only bring this up because intercontinental travels are often rare in ones life and if you happen to have extra time on the way back it might be of interest to you. Berhard and Verne, I had already come across some of Mr Fogg's works by accident and am very impressed.
I had the distinct privilege of meeting Victor Hand on an overpass in northern Arizona while chasing AT&SF 3751 across the state in 1992.
Some may already know of the N&W 611 being restored, see Fireup611 - the 611 was restored at the NC museum in Spencer, NC. WINSTON LINKIn Model Railroad Planning 2015, Gary Hoover describes how he switched from modeling the Santa Fe in 1951 to modeling the Norfolk & Western in the mid-1950s. They were a dichotomy of two driving forces just like what we saw at the Imagine festival,” Scheiderich explains. Vondrak met Link when he was in high school and the legendary photographer actually took the boy under his wing to show him the magic of railroading. Still has the original library stamp ticket and astonishingly over its 6 years on the shelf, it was only borrowed 9 times.
I was there last summer and recommend it if you get the chance, They also have a 2-6-6-4 that was in excursion service and talk says could be again.

We didn't have time to get to the States this trip but the O Winston Link museum is most definitely on my bucket list. He was very friendly, modest and unassuming, but I have books of his work photographing steam around the world and he is one of the masters. It was moved during the last week of May to the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, VA for live steam excursions. Those GP38's look great, and the details such as the close clearance signs next to the entrance and the building number really add to the scene.
With the courtesy of Trains magazine, I was able to see live streaming of some of the action.

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